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Thread: Whats the best way to shackle Pigeons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky Mills View Post
    Vet wrap works well but I found I have to tie it or it comes undone. Painter's tape works, too, but make sure you wrap it around several times. And I still pull the flight feathers out of one wing.
    Becki should know. She has thrown more pigeons than anyone in history of mankind.
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    Half full water bottle, tied to a leg; enables the bird to flush, fly a bit, come back to earth and then get flushed again. I love this for quail as they can walk a bit and the dog has to hunt them. I keep a ring on the birds leg so I can clip on the bottle when I use them next time. With a soft mouth dog you can get several training sessions with a couple of birds. Duck we blind-fold them, then at the end of the session take the blind fold off, gets you work with cripple & divers.
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    We tie the wing together with flagging tape up close to the body of the bird. They can still flap but not fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Klotthor View Post
    We tie the wing together with flagging tape up close to the body of the bird. They can still flap but not fly
    I've been tyinng together like Karen, for over 30 yrs., works great.

    Bill C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinZClark View Post
    Would it be possible for someone to post a picture of exactly what feathers to clip? Or a youtube video? Also interested in more info on the pigeon hat/hoodie...
    Unless you plan to shoot also shoot the bird as a flier soon, it's easiest just to pull the primaries (first ten from the end) on one wing (Contrary to popular notion they can not fly with both wings' primaries pulled, but why bother?):

    Those primaries will grow back in about a month, where clipped ones won't be replaced until late Summer's molt.

    Best hooding arrangement I've found while pointing dog training is a dark baby sock on a string:

    But I don't see that as useful for retriever training.

    Something I do find useful with my flushing retrievers is pulling just the outer seven primaries, which will allow a strong bird to fly 100yds or so before landing.
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    We have used tape on the wings, it can be cut off easily and the bird does not lose the use of the wings. If you use homers then just let it fly back to the coop.
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    Thanks guys for all the help, just clipped primary feathers. Pup went nuts over, worked great and pigeon no worse for wear. Pup very soft mouth, so no casualties lol. Thanks for all the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjoiner View Post
    Becki should know. She has thrown more pigeons than anyone in history of mankind.
    Good grief Bubba. Don't give away all my trade secrets. The DVD is set to be released next month.
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    I use a lot of pigeons and use them over and over for months. I cycle through 5 birds so they aren't too abused and can recover. I just pull the first six or seven longest flight feathers and re pull as needed when they grow back in. If you clip them and the bird somehow escapes its done for because the feathers will take a long time to fall out and grow back if they've been cut.

    That's what I do and its been working very well. I can leave the cage door open and if they do get out they come back before dark after I've had them a few weeks.

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