Yes, Another Which Collar thread... Sorry just asking for personal knowledge
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Thread: Yes, Another Which Collar thread... Sorry just asking for personal knowledge

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    Default Yes, Another Which Collar thread... Sorry just asking for personal knowledge

    Good Morning RTF World,

    I am in the process of replacing m TT Flyway G2. It is the only collar I have ever owned, so I have no experience with any other brands. Because of living in the wonderful state of California. , I am going to need to replace the entire system, because my extra receiver will not work either. (The TT G3 can't be shipped to CA and in talking with a Rep. from Garmin, it made sense not to go with the TT G3, so i don't end up in the same predicament I'm in now with having a system that may not be able to be repaired in 3-4 years if necessary.)

    I have searched this site and researched other options, so I know there are good and bad to every system, depending on who you talk to.

    I was looking at the DT System R.A.P.T 1400 and the Sportdog 825 as other options to getting a new one from Garmin, but was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience with either of those two systems? I only need a two dog system, because there is no way I will ever own a third dogs...

    I have two labs who I predominantly hunt upland with as well as a little waterfowl over the past few years. I keep the dogs within flushing range, 40-50 yards, so the extended range is not that big of a concern. (Every bird I shoot drops right there, so they never have to make any 200 yard retrieves on pheasants that "sail"... Oh, sorry back to reality.)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mark, Peyton's Touchdown Pass (JH) and Peyton's Sun-loving Baby Bindi (Troublemaker)

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    I just switched from SportDog to Dogtra. I was having issues with SportDog and although their service was good, I needed a product that would consistently work.
    Have not had the Dogtra very long, 7-8 months, but it's done well so far.

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    I'm also using a dogtra and so far no complaints at all. I'm using the 2300 which is available as a 2 dog set up.

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