And the NEW.... Canadian National Amateur Retriever Champion!!!!!!
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Thread: And the NEW.... Canadian National Amateur Retriever Champion!!!!!!

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    Default And the NEW.... Canadian National Amateur Retriever Champion!!!!!!

    Congratulations to Bill and Micki Petrovish... And their amazing little dog NAFTCH FTCH FC AFC Upon the Wings of an Answered Prayer (Ammo), For winning the 2014 National Retriever Club of Canada Amateur Championship!!!!

    Ammo was bred by Deb Wehner of Santa Fe Retrievers and Ammo is out of her very nice bitch
    GMPR Santa Fe's Contender TyRa MH x FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH... Another very fine dog, owned by Frank Price. What a breeding!

    As most know, Ammo started her derby career at a very young age... 6 months to be exact. Many thought Bill and Micki were crazy... (Maybe they are) but they had a plan. Ammo won her first derby at 8 months... A 32 dog derby. As most know, she went on to become the all time High Point Derby dog.

    Ammo is currently in a race with several very fine dogs for the high point open, Amateur and All-Age dog here in the US. And has also won TWO double Headers this year! However, Bill enjoys the Canadian trials and spends some time up there every year running weekend trials and their Nationals. Ammo has been a Finalist in Canada several times the last few years... And now the National Amateur Champion! Way to go Bill, Micki and of course... Ammo!!!

    So proud of you guys... All the hard work, tribulations, good times and bad times have led you to this point.
    You have a National Champion! That "N" in front of her name will be there forever.
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    Bill Davis

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    A huge congratulations to Bill and Ammo! What with 144 or some odd derby points, FTCH,AFTCH, FC, AFC, two time double header winner, and now a National Am champion. WOW! This should make those folks who "poo-poo" derby points sit back and reflect! What an amazing ride.

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    Thanks for all the reports. Thanks to Donna Martin for her reporting and drawings, pics on setups etc. on the National site. Congrats to Ammo and his owners. What a wonderful dog! Congrats to all the finalists!
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    Woohoo! Congratulations to Ammo and her whole team!
    Erin Lynes
    Eromit Labrador Retrievers

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    Congratulations to Bill, Micki and Ammo on another in a long list of accomplishments!
    Rick Curtis ~ Currently in Ontario, CA by way of Spokane, WA and Northern CA.

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    ~Rex Carr

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    Chocolate Power !

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    Congrats to all connected! OBVIOUSLY a very special animal! ( even if she is chocolate.. )
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    Congratulations Bill and Micki and Ammo! What a fantastic accomplishment! Well done!!

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    Bill, Micki and Ammo.....Wow!!!!!!!!
    There will be no talking to you guys

    My sincere congratulations.....see you at the National.

    "Remember, it's about the Dog and the Dog work, it's not about you"

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    Congratulations to the owners and dog on such a wonderful accomplishment. What a great team.
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