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Thread: Elbow dispasia Grade 1 and breeding.

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    Default Elbow dispasia Grade 1 and breeding.

    Ok first off the dog is 10yrs. old and has had a rough and tumble life, but is still it the mix of it and still running tests. Titles, good blood lines, no evident health issues, through-out his life etc. A friend approaches him about breeding so Owner goes in to have his OFA (hip, elbows, eyes) and genetic tests.
    Results come back Hips-good, Eyes-normal, genetic tests clear/clear. Now the kicker, Elbows (one normal the other with Grade 1 (mild dis); so dog is unable to get an OFA Elbow #. Opinions on breeding said dog? Family (sibling, mom, dad) all normal elbows, albeit done much earlier in life. Would the OFA be able to distinguish elbow dialysis vs. other bone-joint related issues that might be associated with age (arthritis, etc.).
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    "I train dogs, Not papers"

    I dont know anything about the question you are asking but I really like that quote of yours.

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    We all know that joints don't get any better with age--even with some of us people. I am not a breeder so can't give my opinion, but if I liked the dog enough to want a pup by it and trusted the breeder, I would buy a pup from the breeding of such a dog.

    Might I be rolling the dice? Of course, but if the dog brings enough good stuff to the table...

    Mild for a dog 10 year old dog that has worked hard its whole life doesn't freak me out at all.

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    OFA radiologists are supposed to take the dog's age into consideration when evaluating hips and elbows. And I agree totally with that DoubleHaul says above, if the dog isn't lame on it at 10 it could just be a "thang" where it doesn't look exactly like the perfect picture of good elbows so they couldn't give it a clear (the only rating for elbows) whereas if it was hips they could've said fair. There are more than a few top FT dogs bred with no elbow # on OFA. Could be because the owners never had them done, or could be that they flunked.
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    I had a dog (male) fail one elbow. I redid them and resubmitted and was told the one was still a Grade 1. Had a couple of radiologists look at them and they didn't see it. Both had read x-rays for OFA in the past.

    I was was told to submit them to OVC which was the Canadian equivalent to OFA and they passed both elbows along with his hips. OFA told me they would never change their minds on his status.

    I had plans on donating his semen to a local service dog organization and told them what had happened, leaving the choice of whether they wanted to use him up to them. They reviewed all his x-rays and said they wanted to use him.

    He sired hundreds of puppies for them and not one was kicked out for a bad elbow.

    So if this dog has something special to add to a breeding program, then I say go for it.

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