Whelping Litters For A Fee
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Thread: Whelping Litters For A Fee

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    Default Whelping Litters For A Fee

    Wondering if anyone can shed light on this question......

    Are there people out there that will Whelp litters and keep the pups for 7 weeks for a fee???

    Note: Pups are all pre sold

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated

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    Sent you a pm
    Bill Davis

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    Just going to throw this out there...... There is at least as much work as training a dog.... Arguably more? More food, more vet fee..... Gonna have the bitch and pups two months.... Training is say 600/month. I would say 1200 MINIMUM for me to consider doing it for someone. That is coming for a guy that just had our first litter this past jan.... I slept by the pups every night for three weeks, did not sleep through the night for eight weeks..... I wouldn't do it for less then that and could argue more.
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    Yes there are and their fee is reflected in the cost of the pups. I'm guessing but probably $200 per pup.
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    I would do it for the cost of one puppy. I had a friend in the show world that did it for this
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    I agree with Fritz about all the time and effort involved. Also whelped our first litter this past January. The long sleepless nights, physical work and worry, never mind expenses we incurred were offset by the love of our bitch and the joy of raising our next retriever from day one. Not sure I could put in the same level of care and effort for someone else's bitch and litter for mere money.

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    I myself would never whelp and rasie someone elses litter. Way too much to worry about. I know though,that there are people who provide that service.
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    Yes there are people who whelp puppies for a fee. We just recently had our first litter and had them whelped with Connie Cramer at Harvest Moon Farm and Kennel. Everything worked out great!!

    With us working long hours during the day, no time and no knowledge of how to whelp a litter this was priceless to us!! Of course we knew going in that things can happen and so much responsibility was in involved. It was money well spent! All puppy buyers were very happy with the care of the pups and so were we! It was top notch! I would recommend doing homework before doing this type of service, you really want good care and happy pup owners.

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    We whelp anywhere from 6-10 litters a year for people. My wife does it all. Pups are born in our house. She set her fee at $100 per pup for 4 pups then $50 per pup up until 8. Anything above 8 is free. Owner pays dew claw removal, worming and shots. So a normal litter cost 600.

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    We are whelping a clients litter this fall. Client will take care of ALLl expenses involved throughout pregnancy and afterwards, and then we split the income of the puppies.
    For instance, if she has 10 puppies @ $1000 a pup, we earn $5000.00 for 8 weeks of care and the week before.
    Deb Mengel

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