Dual purpose lab breeders?
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Thread: Dual purpose lab breeders?

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    Default Dual purpose lab breeders?

    Mornin fellow hunters,

    I recently lost Goose my choc lab male around six months ago. He was my first hunting retriever I ever purchased and trained myself with the intent on having a companion as well as a waterfowl retriever to take along with me in the blind. I purchased him from a small kennel in GA and couldnt have been more pleased with what I turned out with. He was the most forgiving dog and had the eagerness to please that I needed in training my first gundog, if werent for that I dont know if we would have made it through FF,CC and all the training as easy as we did. He was a fine looking animal around 93lbs that resembled the english type build with a large frame and height that gave him power to fight the current and wind where I hunt,(divers in the gulf of FL mostly). I didnt know it then when looking for a kennel/breeder about the field/english/british types of labs that are used for different purposes such as field trials and what not, I was just looking for good looking parents with hunting background that was evident from the pedigree which I found in the GA kennel.He was JH titled and coulda passed SH no problem but I never bothered titling him. I took him to one hunttest to run him just to see what they were about when he was a year and a half old, and would have gotten into them more but I choose to spend all my extra time and money into actual hunting! Goose's sire and dam both were titled in akc and the lineage going back was spotted with different titles as well so I was sold. He turned out to be exactly what I needed. In losing him I found out just how much this dog meant to me and my passion for duck hunting. Taking a pup from 7 weeks and molding him into the perfect companion/retirever was the most exciting thing I had ever done. I am somewhat younger, 25yrs of age single with no kids and he was my everything. He was a inside dog, very social and did absolutely evrything with me whether it be to the gas station, to the beach, beach bars and pubs (yes he was a chick magnet for sure...) it didnt matter he just loved being around his master and meeting new people. Now that ive been through the grieving process I checked with the kennel I got him from and since learned that his parents have also both passed, and the new dogs that they have gotten into there kennel I dont know too much about so Ive been branching out looking all over the country for my next gundog. I have been talking with kennels, looking over websites such as gundogbreeders and all the others but still havent found what im looking for. I would like to have a dog with large frame for power and also I just like the overall look of the enlgish type dogs, and I am looking for a decent amount of hunting background titles and such for desire and high drive for trainability. And undoubtedly I would like to get another chocolate just to memoralize last partner.

    I enjoy this forum alot and check it often. There is a wealth of knowlegde here and its great to be able to connect with people who share the same passion and love for a great gundog. They bring much more to peoples lives than some people ever know. I posted two pics of my old partner.

    I figured this was the best place to start since I am sorta at a standstill in my search. If anyone knows of any breedings or kennels who might have what im looking for then Id love to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Check your private messages.

    If you are in still in Georgia, you may want to look at www.alducks.com website too.

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    If you contact Mike or Judy Meriman they can help you.. They produced a Master Hunter who also is a bench Champion.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing it. You might want to look at this. The breeding is in Central FL, but not that far.

    Also, highly recommend Kerrybrook Labrador Retrievers.

    Good luck!
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    I'll second that on Kerrybrook. Contact Chris Wincek, really nice and knowledgable guy. Oz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary M View Post
    Great story! Thanks for sharing it. You might want to look at this. The breeding is in Central FL, but not that far.

    Also, highly recommend Kerrybrook Labrador Retrievers.

    Good luck!
    However, he doesnt breed chocolates if thats a concern.
    Check out Windycanyon ,shes on here, she does do some chocolates,and her dogs tend to be able to do the work while still having the show look (not as overdone-) may be up your alley.. Anne?? Help a guy out
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    Welcome to the RTF!

    I too share your want for a dog that looks as good as he works. You will find that some on this forum don't agree with that. But none the less I have done a lot of research being that I am in getting a new pup due home in the end of august. Some places that look great to me are autreykennels.com and akinslabs.com I am getting pup out of akins labs out of the Doc x Lucy litter. This litter will be between 85-95 pounds and tall and lean. The dam has a hunting bloodline while the sire is out of showlines.

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    If you want a good looking chocolate with lots of desire, look at Chilbrook Labs. Ranger throws pups with drive. http://www.chilbrook.com/ranger.html

    I have a pup from him who is two. Very well built, very athletic, and will retrieve all day long. 2 Master passes with me, a novice, handling him.
    I will say the "dual" dogs are hard to find, even harder in chocolate. See here: http://www.thelabradorclub.com/subpa...itled_dogs.php

    There is another kennel, I'll have to look around that has several duals, though mostly black I think.-
    Found it: Lands End Labradors. And noticed a few choco pups in the pictures.
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    Wow thanks you all for the great suggestions. I have been looking into all these kennels today while ive had down time at work. Im a firefighter and weve been slow today. All these kennels seem to be producing what ive been looking for. Gary I looked into the litter out of VincexBonnie in FL and there all sold out but the sire vince and the Bio on him sounds like a exact replica of my boy Goose I had. I read what he had to say in his bio and it was scary how similar they seemed! Also MARJO Labs seemed spot on as well, fine lookin retrievers. I like the look of Akins Stud "Cash" PLIPPERT.

    Weathered, I looked into chilbrook and seen the sire you spoke about Ranger. I gave them a call and waiting to hear back from the kennel owners.

    Again thanks and any more info is appreciated!

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    I don't think the Merians (Mar-Jo) breed many chocolate.

    Debby Kay at Chillibrook is a good place to start also as someone mentioned.


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