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    Default Seven Weeks - Teal Season

    It's about time to round my two older Labs back into hunting condition. After “manicuring” the weed shorelines of Thorson Pond, Daisy (9 years old) and Kooly (12 years old) did a session of several water singles “in tandem”. This is “solo” training with each dog at their own line.

    In addition, the “chaos” distraction has each coming and going at the same time. The presentation requires focus and memory plus they must be paying attention to the trainer.

    Note: They have been doing this type of setup for several years in many different areas.

    In a month, I will come back to the setup and “flip” the positioning of each dog. In addition, trimming of the shoreline will create a different “look”. Their land to water entry distance is approximately 20-30 yards.

    Thorson Pond is approximately 120 X 60 yards (when the water is high) and this spring has done a great job of keeping it full. Both slept well that evening.

    Thorson Pond

    full view of setup

    first four singles

    last four singles
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    Where's da gatas? We play duck and weave in September with ours. Feathers in da mornin and lizards afterwards.
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