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Thread: Kudos to EE.

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    Senior Member badbullgator's Avatar
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    Isn't this exactly what every body is hitching about?
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    Senior Member Brad B's Avatar
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    I think his point was scratching so late in the day not that she entered so far in advance.

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    Granddaddy, if EE makes an upgrade and needs testers. I will gladly volunteer to help. I am a BSA with 25 plus years under by belt.

    My test can be done of a variety of devices:
    old clunker Dell running XP (yes there are some around still chugging along)
    dell laptop W7

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    I'm with Kim on this one. I have a bitch I bred. I wanted to run her this fall, but since entries opened so early, in order to make sure we would get in I had to enter her. I didn't know until yesterday that she was pregnant, I had to enter months ago to hold a spot. In the past, I would have just waited until I knew if she were pregnant or not. But now, if you want to finish a title, you've got to get in as soon as you see it's open or you are SOL.

    I'm sure there are others here with similar problems that want to play the game.
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    Sue Puffenbarger
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    Isn't this exactly what every body is hitching about?
    Part of the hitching is because if there are late scratches, EE wasn't open to handle it and spaces didn't get filled that might have, thus the request for online capability of doing so. The close date and time is what it is and everyone can cancel or enter right up until that time, if there are spaces. Either change the close time or make some others changes as been suggested, limited entries per handler, standardized opening time so all get a chance to get in vs 20-30 dogs on a pro truck in the first few minutes of opening, but to get my dogs in, I have to play with what's available and I know damn well you guys would too if in the same situation. You guys have a personal gripe against me and want to have one of your internet group bully sessions, muddy a thread and get it locked, have at it. But EE is trying to mitigate at least one of the issues by allowing later scratches to be processed in a timely fashion. The club I scratched from was able to fill the two spaces, which it did within minutes, and I switched my dogs to two other MH spots that opened late in a different test that also offers O/H Q, so I can drive and get the most bang for my buck with 3 dogs instead of 2. Don't know who scratched late to open the spots at the other test, or why, and don't care, just glad it worked via EE and both clubs got entries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duk4me View Post
    Another thing why would it take you to wait till the last minute to scratch? This is a very confusing thread. Bitches come in heat twice a year and that is the only reason I can think of for legitimately scratching other than injury.
    So, a dog that titles out on Sunday, and is signed up for the test that closes on Monday....person doesn't have a chance to get on the computer until 6,7,8 pm at night...You are allowed to scratch up until 11:59 PM to get your money refunded...after that, you can scratch and roll the dice on whether you get anything back...who are you to say why a person should scratch their dog...ever hear of family emergencies...

    I concur with you Kim,...I scratched a dog a week ago Monday, and Tara responded within 15 minutes to say that everything was taken care of...nice work EE....

    Shawn Piotter
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    Senior Member Jeff Brezee's Avatar
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    I scratched a few weeks ago. Called the hunt test secretary and they hadn't gotten to it for a day. I then called EE and Tara took care of it within minutes! Thanks Tara!
    Jeff Brezee

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    Senior Member Karen Klotthor's Avatar
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    Tara is great , hope they pay her enough for all her hard work. She reponds to any questions right away.

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    Senior Member Pam Spears's Avatar
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    I appreciate Kim's attempt to post a compliment to EE for trying to do a better job. The game is changing right now and it's going to be a little rocky until everyone figures out how to deal with it. I doubt Kim waited until late in the day on purpose in order to stiff the club: of course earlier is always better, but life gets in the way. Her spots were filled, the club didn't take a hit, no harm done.
    HRCH Roughwater Stacked & Packed, "Babe," MH, CD, RN, CGC, WDQ

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    Whether EE can get online scratches set up or not, perhaps have a policy that if you are going to scratch and get a full refund you have to do so 24 hours before the close, not by the close as is the case now. That then gives EE a full work day to process scratches, or after online scratches goes live, a full day for folks that want to get in to keep an eye on things and hopefully get a slot. I very much agree with Kim that you have to enter early just to make sure you have a spot. In my case, I've also entered two tests that are on weekends that closer tests are available but not yet open. Once the closer tests open up, if I get in I'll scratch the original two tests that I'm in now. I will do that as soon as I'm in the closer tests, so those two spots will be open for other entries well before the close so I'm not harming either the club or other handlers and EE makes an extra few bucks off me. I wish I didn't have to do that, but if I didn't, and then didn't get in the closer tests, I'm sitting at home those weekends.
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