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Thread: Dog ramp

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    I have one made by
    It folds into three, is lightweight and stores easily. I love what Ive seen in those canvas ramps,but am happy with what I have for now.
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    Default Not just a ramp option.

    And, then there's this option.

    I have a crossover dog box that is up against the back of the truck cab. To get in and out of the truck bed was a hassle after knee surgery a few years ago. I found the Z-bench. It is the best truck accessory I have. The dogs use it for getting up and down from the tailgate. I use it for the same, along with sitting, as a picnic bench. I'm a Carpenter, and often use it as a saw horse, clamping material instead of asking for help, ( a guy thing I guess).

    I installed it when it was 10 degrees outside, took me 30 minutes. Versatile, doesn't use up space, and has lasted 4 years now without any signs of wear. Many have seen me at hunt test and have inquired, sat, and realized how good this thing really is.
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    Duane's aluminum/canvas ramp is the best. It addresses two important issues:

    -your back (it is very, very light)
    - your dog's safety (no more jumping, & the canvas gives a little, much better than solid)

    Oh, and they are very well made. Duane is an aluminum fabricator, a FTer, & does the ramps as a side business. He's going to be more & more busy!


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    Does anybody have any picture of Mr Duanes ramp?? ive looked at the site and there is no pictures of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Klotthor View Post
    the one we bought is a SolVit brand. It extends out a good bit so it is not steep for the dog. We have a dodge deisel and the tailgate is high. Also I have no problems picking it up .

    I have one of these and have been very satisfied with it. Currently it is doubling as a FF table using a couple of aluminum saw horses
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    I have a pet step and a sol it. The pet step is tough and dogs can get good traction but it is fairly heavy.
    The solvit is light and does a good job. Some small plastic caps came off the solvit. I wrote and ask for new caps. They sent me a new ramp! Dogs nails do tend to eat up the grit on it but you can get stick on at home cheapo.
    Tom Dorroh
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