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Thread: This is a solution?

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    Default This is a solution?
    One of the plans under consideration by the WH is to interview applicants in Honduras for granting of refugee status, and then we bring them to the US. This is supposed to stem the tide of those coming to the US now illegally.
    With that in mind, the draft proposal suggested that 35 percent to 50 percent of the applicants in Honduras could be considered for relief, a figure the White House said was inflated. The early draft, the White House said, was the most generous and least likely of the options the administration is considering. How many people are accepted is critical, because refugees qualify for public assistance upon arrival in the United States.

    One of the issues under debate is whether the program should be limited to children who have at least one relative in the United States, so that the government would not be saddled with custodial issues. Whether that relative would have to have legal residency is another issue that was addressed but not resolved.
    Not only do we bring them here (without the dangers of making the overland journey), we give them immediate public assistance. And maybe that also includes their relative, who may be here illegally?

    The alternate plan is that we give Honduras $265 million to improve their care for their children?

    Why? because this is a "shared" humanitarian issue. The US is responsible for the poverty of these countries; and the corruption and lawlessness.
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    It is all about securing the Hispanic vote and maybe adding a few more voters to the population plus maybe a few photo ops.....they do not give a damn about the people....!

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