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Thread: A Nice thing Happened at the Park Today

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    Default A Nice thing Happened at the Park Today

    After reading some of the stories about dogs in parks and the hassles people go through I thought I'd pass on something nice. I live in a city of about 65,000. Finding place to train is an issue; however I have a city park I've used for quite a while to run drills. My normal routine is to be there at pretty close to sunup to avoid any people and other dogs. THe park guys usually show up about 6:30 about when I'm picking up. We wave and are cordial to each other. If I find dog poop (my dog's or another's) I pick it up, If I find trash I pick it up, If I find cans I pick them up. I'm sure the park guys have seen me do this on more than one occasion. In general I go out of my way to be a good steward of the park and a responsible dog owner.

    Today I'm doing a casting drill and a couple of the guy drive up in a park vehicle and one is holding a bumper with my initials on it. Said that I forgotten it a couple weeks ago. A big thank you and smile on my part and back to doing what I was doing. I will continue to take nothing for granted as it could all end tomorrow (we do have leash laws), but it's pretty nice to know a couple guys had a bumper bouncing around in a vehicle for two weeks and took the time to make sure I got it back.
    H2O Control Guy

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    Nice to hear a feel good story. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very cool. We've had similar accuracies happen.
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    Great job. Enjoy reading that!
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    Minnesota nice!

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    There are some good people left. I train once in a while at the local soccer fields. I try to do it early to avoid other people also. I do the same as you described, pick up others trash, etc. The Town employees have not said anything to me yet. I have had on more that one occassion had people ask me how I got such a "smart dog". I reply, "it only takes 15 minutes a day and you too could have a dog like this". I hope you have access to your "training grounds" for years to come.

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    Your good deeds came back around.

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    H2O Control Guy was that @ Alimagnet in Burnsville?

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    Yep it still happens. Some nice people still around.
    Wayne Nutt
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