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Thread: The Field Trial world loses another good one. Ken Robbins RIP

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    My only contact with Mr Robbins was through an e-mail about the judging website -
    It was complimentary toward the thought that some traceable experience with dogs
    in the field would be helpful - RIP Mr Robbins

    Marvin S

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    Other than the joy of Anna the past few years could not have been been happy ones. He lost his wife to whom he was very close about 10 ears ago to cancer, ovarian I think, and she only lived a couple of months after she was diagnosed. I don't think Ken ever recovered from that and he virtually never went back into their home. Then he had some form of lung cancer a few ears back, had a solitary lung tumor removed and he seemed to regain his vitality. I saw him this spring and he was wearing an oxygen generator. He texted me prior to the National Amateur wishing me luck and again on being a Finalist. If there is a better final resting place I hope he is there with Anna and is wife.

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    This is such sad news. I met Ken a long time ago when he was running HRC tests. I watched Anna absolutely crush that series at the national only to jump out as they were leaving the honor. Ken took it well. Rest In Peace Ken.


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    This is so sad- I just read his obituary for Anna in the RN yesterday. Made me cry-.... now he's with his lovely girl again. They must have been a heck of a team....
    Rest in Peace , Ken .....
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    Very sorry to hear of Kens passing. I feel fortunate to have known him and will mourn his passing. I thank God that I had the opportunity to speak with him just a couple of weeks ago. It made my day, heck it made my week!

    Ken and Anna were a formidable team from their beginning days running HRC and AKC Hunt tests all the way through a fabulous field trial career. I can't remember how many AA points Anna had but it was in the neighborhood of 100 and they qualified for quite a few Nationals. One of Anna's offspring from her only breeding, KPR's Wet Willie, finished the 2014 National Amateur.

    Ken was always happy to help out at a field trial. Despite having a prosthetic arm, Ken was a crack wingshot, always keeping his Ruger O/U in the truck in case he was needed.

    Ken you will be missed!


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    Dave and I met Ken many years ago. He was running hunt test. We started training together. Anna and Ria(my dog) were 6 months old. I love the way Ken and Anna worked together. I know when he beloved Peggy died, Ken was lost. Ken is now at peace with Anna & Peggy. RIP Ken.

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    I stayed at Kens place this past March on a winter training trip. Very nice guy who always had a conversation for you and training advice when he saw something a little different. He was doing his best to have a facility to accommodate the snow birds. Only met him once but it was a great two weeks. RIP Ken you made your mark.
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    RIP Ken. Have fun again with Anna and your beloved wife.
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    Rip Mr Robbins. I met ken and peg when they were here in canqada to run the grand at hullett. During that trip they bought a little bkk female sired by FC AFC Jamie ,that they name Rosie. Through their training she became hrch Rosie MH. Rip Ken. You can finally see all your girls again.

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    Ken you will be missed. You and Anna were a hard team to beat. God Bless.

    Rich Davis and the Gunners Up staff.
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