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Thread: Living /training area options

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    1. Go where you and your wife can get good jobs
    2. If you plan to have children look for the best schools in the area and buy a home there.
    3. Train dogs for fun not for money.
    4. If you are successful in 1-3 you will eventually be in a position to select a place to live that optimizes your dog training passion
    Wise advice. Come to Texas, yall won't have trouble finding jobs especially in places like Houston or Midland. San Antonio is great too.

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    Oklahoma City area is a good place to look. Lots of good Engineering jobs, oilfield is going nuts, Tinker AFB is nearby and Boing has a big presence here. Lots of training options with pro's nearby and you can train with your pup's dad, Bleu. Summer gets a bit hot but you can get work in. Real estate is one of the lowest in the country and schools are good if you choose the right area.
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    Jackh Texas is pretty high on the list so that is a possibility! And mr Tim I actually had Oklahoma on my list and wouldn't mind living there at all! It's all about getting a happy medium! I will now take a look at OKC ... Where about do y'all live in OKC .. I'm sure it's quite big and would have ideal jobs for the wife and myself!

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    If you have lived here, you know we have almost Zero training water. Texas; Conroe, College Station, would be money IMO.
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    Raymond I hear you! We got plenty of water in Louisiana just not much of the training type! I got a bunch of friends that train there but are limited on water! Texas is seeming better and better... Mr Tim how are the training grounds? Plenty of water? I know in Texas most of everything is private land though.

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    First of all welcome to RTF, and good luck with your search for great happiness in life.

    I've lived in Yuma, Grand Canyon (Flagstaff Area) Texas and now No. California (Bay Area/Central Valley) along with about 20 other places.

    As far as training goes, there are some great trainers up here and depending on where you are in CA, there are good water areas. There are also great opportunities for whatever work a person wants to get into and a ton of great things to see and do. But... If it were not for my wife having generations of family from here, I would be gone in a second and headed back to Wyoming. There are a bunch of idiots out here, most of them in some government office.

    I would say your other choices are better, unless you are already familiar with California and they way things are done out here. I have never lived in Oregon or Washington, but I know a lot of people from here go up there hunting every year, and also retire from hear with a little larger nest egg and move up there. I have never heard anything negative, so I can only think it must be better then here.

    Whatever you choose, good luck.

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    Move to New Orleans Area, plenty of Eng jobs with all the oil business. Also best training grounds around, Bonnet Carrie Spillway. Nice water and land

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    Wherever you go...

    Thanks for your service and best of luck in the future. Marines... Retriever training... amenable wife. You're making the right choices so far!

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    I will second Tim on OKC. Being prior military look into the fire service. Good benefits and nice hours that allow one to train dogs on time off.

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    One area you didn't mention is the Carolinas; most years you can train year round in either and there are tons of retriever clubs, retriever pros (both HT & FT) and there are several larger cities nearby with good job opportunities--without the horrendous commutes like where I am in VA. 20 miles from Wash. DC can be 2 hour drive, each way. It's also much less expensive than most of the east coast and there is the K2 company that trains bomb dogs; they have on staff a number of retriever people and train Labs for the military... oh and pays really well, too.
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