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Thread: Islam in France ...

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    Default Islam in France ...

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    I saw the same type of thing happen living in SoCal when the US Govt relocated thousands of Vietnamese immigrants to the communities of Westminster and Garden Grove just a few miles from Disneyland..they even called the area Little Saigon...the Vietnamese gangs terrorized all of Southern Calif and literally ruled those two communities, the police were helpless because the code of silence prevailed throughout the community

    This by no means is NOT a slap towards the Vietnamese people but any time you have a mass import of immigrants from a foreign country as we are seeing now,this scenario is bound to play out as they try to survive...contrary to the touchy feely do gooders, theses groups dont assimilate to western culture, they tend to devour the existing culture

    They have no desire to become Americans,they want to turn America into a newer fresher version of the third world country they left
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    Because for the immigrants it is easier initially NOT to assimilate. There are NO urban centers in the USA who did not go thru this in the past 100 years. Little Italy , Saigon City , Frenchmen Flats, Germantown , Hymie Town , Bohunk , Swede City , etc. The sharpest of each bunch became the merchants ,funeral directors , lawyers, cops/firemen, and politicians. They usually learned passable English first. Their particular brand of religion held them together for both good and bad reasons re: social integration. Usually it took the 2nd or possibly the 3rd generation to compromise -marry outside of their ethnicity/race/religion and geography.

    The French have a history of mistreating all their conquered peoples poorly. However , until late, if you choose to become "French" in all qualities above language/culture/dress you could be accepted until there were too many according the to right wing French who were NAZI lovers. This is their current problem. Tunisians/Algerians/Mauritanians/Mali/Syria/ etc. have come to France and the right wing does not want them there.

    Americans have faced this many times over but Europeans for the past 75 years are only starting to have to deal with it.

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    The problem is not as stark as the video depicts. France is a country that has a former empire and it has become the destination of choice of emmigrants out of their former colonies. France is also a highly nationalistic country that feels its language and culture are under assault from several directions. The big influx of retirees from the British Isles are also a stressor. The Gypsy populace is also not well accepted. In France, there does not appear to be widespread physical clashes between native and Islamic immigrants, although my impression the few that occurare isolated. There are also areas where it is unsafe for any foreigner to go, not from Islamists but from French criminals. There is, though, a definite cold shoulder by the French and the newcomers. The French go to great length to keep their language and culture intact.

    Not much The French can do directly --immigration policy is now largely the jurisdiction of the E.U.
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