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Thread: Style on a dog

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    Most of the dogs today show great style. A dog is more likely to get knocked down for lack of style than, than scored up for exceptional style. I will and have scored for both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .44 magnum View Post
    I'd say for a seven week old pup, this girl has style..!!!!!
    Thanks for the shout out! She has really been great.

    On the topic of style, if I was a judge I think style would be an important factor to me. I know this is highly unlikely but I were judging between to dogs that both did the work the same but one seemed to just be going through the motions versus one that showed genuine enjoyment (style). I would feel obligated to pick the dog with "style."
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    A stylish dog is a reflection of the trainer of that dog. Does it bring merit? It might be subjective to say for sure all things created equal.

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    Tony, I think Ernie is still in your group. That's the highest level of style. That said, you don't have to be fast to be stylish, but I don't think I've seen a fast dog who isn't. I love watching dogs who love doing their thing, regards.

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