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Thread: % of non-hunter handlers?

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    For those that don't hunt....................I truly believe the AKC "titles" are a "status" symbol. I've seen and judged AKC types in HRC that "the gun" was like a virus to be avoided!!!

    Joe Schimpf

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    What do you suppose the percentages are of HT folks who have never hunted and don't want to hunt (or just can't hit anything aimed at) who nevertheless love running the dogs at HT's (or FT's)?
    I fall into the second category Does it make a difference why people do stiuff with their dogs?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    Related Question: How many women discovered retriever work because hubby brought home a hunting dog he never had time to train?
    I discovered Dogs because my wife ran hunt tests (and hunted with dogs). Again, what difference does it make why people do stuff with their dogs?

    Well, this started off as a really interesting thread. Too bad we couldn't keep it that way. (Rick_C 2009, Classic RTF)
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    Take what you get and thank them (the Judges) afterwards no matter what the outcome. (Moira Sheehan)

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    I enjoy hunting more than hunt test but my dog seems to be the opposite. She (my dog) knows when we go to hunt test there will be birds on the ground for her to get. Not so much when hunting (haven't seen a lot of birds the past few years). If hunting were not so expensive or if I could find a lease at a decent price I would be out there a lot more, so unfortunately I fall into the category of running more hunt test than hunting.
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    I guess I look at it a bit different..

    I have always had "meat dogs" in the past. I hunted. They very rarely left a bird in the field. They ran simple blinds well enough, that I could get them to a bird,without a pocket full of rocks.

    What has changed, is my interest in HOW folks get dogs trained to a higher level than what constitutes a "Meat Dog"

    I searched for help! Teaching me what TRAINING truly encompasses.

    The H/T programs do nothing more than allow you to be subjected to another persons opinion as to how your dog, and you,meet a written standard.

    For ME! ,, its nothing more than an avenue to have a criticle eye look at your progress in training..

    To Me!! Training is what dog work is all about.. no matter what venue..

    People that train a dog to a very high level have my utmost respect.. Its the hardest thing I have ever pursued..

    The training part of dog work is more important to me than learning the nuances of what it takes to become a Judge..
    I may consider Judging,, once I feel Personally I have REALLY trained a dog to the level I would judge,, but FIRST,, I think people need to work at the first step..

    I think the H/t give an amateur a reasonable way to evaluate his training... Nothing more..,,,,and JMHO.
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    I don't hunt but my husband and sons do. My husband would teach his Lab how to basically retrieve and take him hunting - I wasn't particularly interested. Then we went to see our first HT - WOW, it looked like so much fun! 10 years plus later...I'm an addict. I still don't hunt myself but go along on hunting trips and handle the dog. Husband guns for HT/FT and I handle in both AKC & HRC. I can't hit a darn thing but feel comfortable handling a shotgun and demonstrating gun safety.

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    I've run FTs where a judge blew a duck call....that turned some heads. I hunt, all my dogs hunt - some better than others.
    David Didier, GA

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    I only know of one individual in our HRC who does not hunt.

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    I have hunted (not to the extent of some) but find some of the HRC scenarios presented are not how I would go hunting. I don't have issues with the gun. I don't like wandering through bushes ducking limbs with waders on when hot, standing in waist high water trying to get the dog to turn and get yourself around with the gun so the dog follows. That is not a scenario I would put myself in hunting. And at my age I have a feeling of being unsafe especially with the thick muck in the water below. So I guess I am not a hunter! I can see HRC having limitations as time goes on if they have many tests such as I presented. IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkweed View Post
    For those that don't hunt....................I truly believe the AKC "titles" are a "status" symbol. I've seen and judged AKC types in HRC that "the gun" was like a virus to be avoided!!!
    I believe the camo fashion show that is HRC is just a 'status' symbol and that a flyer is like a virus to be avoided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David McCracken View Post
    I suspect there is a larger percentage of AKC handlers who do not hunt than the percentage of HRC handlers that do not hunt. Just a guess.
    Probably a fair assumption but I would also say the number of non-hunting HRC folks has grown greatly over the last ten years or so.
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