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Thread: Bitch in season and hunt tests

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    You never know what male just bred a bitch in the last few days either...her scent is going to be all over his rear, so when he sits, voila, bitch in heat smell on the ground. Our males have to behave like "normal" with bitches in heat. If a bitch is in, they're run first. The males not allowed to put nose to the ground, they get reminded with various "hearing aids" if they do. I've had a bitch in heat a month going on the third month now (three different bitches). I bring my bitches in heat inside and crate them (we don't have a separate bitch pen "yet"). Right now, I have my two young males (ages one and two) and our neutered late in life male inside as well. The two young males are crated as well unless directly supervised. To go out to air, they must go by where the bitches in heat are crated. They're not allowed to stop and "talk" to the ladies in heat, they must go outside as "normal" routine. The two year old hesitated for a second this morning, any more than that is not tolerated, he will be verbally reprimanded if he stops again until she's out of heat.

    Hickory, our yellow male we lost several years ago would not mount a bitch that didn't have KY jelly applied. She could be flirting, tossing the tail, backing up to him, you could even hold her and encourage him, but he would NOT do it without the KY. Watched him turn his nose up and would bump her, but wouldn't mount. KY applied and he proceeded without a second thought. He was bred that way in the past, so he wouldn't do it without. (NOT saying if left totally unattended it wouldn't eventually happen, but we only breed with supervision to avoid injury.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Kress View Post
    Well guys and gals:
    Just a bit different view: if your bitch is in please feel invited to come train and run first as i want the boys to understand.
    There are plenty of ht and ft's where someone is awfully close to being in or the fragrant one is in the hole next to the running dog. Really hard to leave them at home when there's no one there

    Nothing like a set of marks or a walkup where your boy or someone elses has a nose to the ground and misses most of his flyer experience. That Sportsmanship word seems to have different meanings at times

    Just me
    I agree with you Dave. Sportsmanship and the Honor system SHOULD work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Good Dogs View Post
    The only time I was asked to have my gal checked was at the Grand a few years back. I had a note from my vet that Layla was spayed but still had to line up at o'dark thirty for the mandatory bitch check. Showed the folks my note but they still wanted her off the truck for a check. No way, I said and told them that unless one of them could produce a vet's license they were not touching my dog. Finally got my card punched and carried it in my shirt pocket for the next 4 days. You're supposed to line up each morning and get your card punched. F that I said. I was never asked to show my card for the entire time we were there. And I got to sleep in a bit each day.

    If'n that happened when my club host "The Grand", you would've been unpleasantly surprised then.

    Just Saying of course

    Joe Schimpf

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    THere is always a bitch check every day at the grand. From what I understand if you send in the spayed note from vet with your premium , it will be marked on your card before hand.

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