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Thread: dog boots

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    Default dog boots

    It's time to get junior some new shoes! I used the Cabelas boot - the one that zips and velcros - this season. Problem is they lasted just one season and for 50.00 I would expect more. Any advice or recommendations? I upland hunt in west tejas - home of more goatheads and cacti varieties than you can count, so they have to be thick enough to prevent penetration!!

    PS - I'm kinda paranoid about posting knowing that at any time I too could end up having my dog sit on a duck!!

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    Lewis Dog Boots. A pain in the butt to get on but there is none better.
    "The thing I admire about the rat tail is that it takes commitment. It's not like one day you just decide you want one, you have to grow out that bad boy and you have to repeatedly convince the hairdresser to trust you because it's a great idea."

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