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Thread: good book

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    Default good book

    if anyone enjoys reading, there is a book out at the book stores called marley and me. it is about a labrador retriever and first owners. a funny book that will make you laugh and cry. i give it two thumbs up. don't pass up this great reading material!

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    We agree, a very enjoyable book that was recommended on RTF by Lisa Styles back in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Stylesl
    Marley and Me: Life and love with the world's worst dog by John Grogan.

    This is not a training book, the subtitle gives that away. It is a very well written story about a family who lived with a dog that chewed up stereo-speakers, ripped through dry wall, and shredded couches. A dog who "gave himself so selflessly" to the author and his family.

    Grogan's attempts to train/manage Marley are hilarous. He comes across a Barbara Woodhouse book and learns that he and Marley are a "textbook case" of a "hapless, weak-willed master..and the mentally unstable, out-of-control dog" who are beyond help. Despite that dour warning the Grogan family and Marley manage to survive. Even as Marley begins to decline because of old age he is still full of mischief.

    Marley is a Lab-but this book is not just for Lab people. It is for anyone who has had or known a dog.


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