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Thread: NEW Master Hunter Show Champion!

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    I do not have pics of Jett, but I have some of his littermate "Dutch". All the dogs in this litter were exceptionally smart and good looking. I trained and tested a few times with Jett, and to my knowledge he was the largest male of the litter. Jett is truly a "stunning" male. I believe Jett is around 90 lbs. Dutch was the the runt with a running weight of 68 lbs. Both Jett and Dutch achieved Master Hunter at a relatively young age - Jett 3 1/2, Dutch 2 1/2. Two pups out of Dutch's first litter (Dixie and Chief) should be running derbys in the spring, they are just a year old and coming along very well. Both Amateur trained. I personally have a pup "Angel" out of the repeat breeding of Rachael x Ali that produced Babe (current #1 derby dog) and Mavis. Both Dixie and Chief are progressing at the same pace as Angel and their marking and conceptual awareness is impressive. They are tractable, compliant and they have talent. I suspect that Jett's pups will be MUCH MORE than the typically CH/MH offspring. Hopefully they get into the hands of some people that will train and campaign them.

    IMG_0001 - Copy.jpgDutch - Duck Dawg Days -2.jpgAt the Line.JPG
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    I do have some photos here of Jett.... let's see if the forum will allow me to post them.
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    He is gorgeous! Perfect representation of the breed.
    Sherri Young

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    Since we are listing pictures of siblings... I had to add my Ted High Voltage Rough Rider SH. I love my Ted, I totally love training with him. He takes pressure well and is always up and happy.
    .Ted stacked nc.jpgTed senior title.jpg
    I have some pictures of their other brother High Voltage James Dean - James is just a hunting guide dog now but when I had both boys for looks I loved James - totally good enough to finish. The first comment my friend made this spring when we started training (Ted was a bit heavy then) , "Boy, if you took him in the ring he would win. Too fat for training though..." Ha, ha

    I got a chuckle at a senior test I was running with him. At one point during the test he stopped for just a moment at the top of a hill full profile with nothing but sky behind him. One guy came up to me and told me he sure looked beautiful up there on that hill. Too cute.
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    Who wouldn't be thrilled with litter results like that??! Incredible!
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