Field trial dog and hunting dog....?
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Thread: Field trial dog and hunting dog....?

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    Default Field trial dog and hunting dog....?

    Just kinda of curious of how many of you guys that run field trials also hunt your dogs come fall, whether it's upland or watertfowl
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    been hunting since '74....gone pheasant hunting in Nebraska, shot lots of teal and ducks in CenTex..and now ducks and geese in Idaho...planning a trip to NoDak in October for pheasant/ducks/geese....FT were originally just something to do in the spring and summer for us...
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    Hunting waterfowl since 1977. Hunting for the dogs is like R&R . NO collars of any kind. Each of them has been my total partner.

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    We have had 3 FTCH . Out of the 3, one was an excellent duck/pheasant dog. The other 2 were too amped up in the blind. If you shot, they wanted to retrieve. They were to accustomed to hearing a shot & being sent to retrieve. We also have had several HRCH dogs that we primarily used for hunting. Hunt Test games are fun & make a better hunting dog.
    2 of the FTCH were also HRCH titled. A dual purpose dog is a great companion. We have had a lot of enjoyment from our Labs over the years. At 75, I still look forward to duck season & getting out to the marsh with sons, grandson & pups.

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    I attempt to run field trials ,until hunting season, then its all about the hunt for us (which is what brought us here) . IMO it doesnt matter what venue you choose to play in ,some dogs are to high geared to have the patience in hunting situations. I dont think I've seen a hunt test that is even close to the situations we hunt in.

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    Have had yellows since the early 70's and have hunted them all, got sucked into the F/T - H/T some 20 years ago. Just something to do until fall comes around and we love being with our training group. Dogs and friends make the world go around! Geese, ducks, grouse, timberdoodles, if its got feathers - - - - - - , need I say more!
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    Take FC Sorol Green River's Indian Scout hunting? What? Never! Well, maybe a pheasant or two. And now that I think about it, some ducks every now and again. Hmmmm, well, okay, I guess i do.

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    my fall training schedule includes 3 days of hunting then blinds on thursdays trial on friday sat sun. Sometimes it works.
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    FC AFC Roux MH was just that, truly a master hunter. Hunting was his primary occupation and none ever did it better, IMO.
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