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Thread: Health Clearances

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    Default Health Clearances

    My lab male is getting to the age where I should start looking into getting his clearances. Since this is my first dog and first time needing to do this im unsure how to go about it. Im from Wisconsin and close to Madison or Milwaukee if anyone knows of particular places. What are the costs usually around? Should I look into getting premlims first or are those not really needed? Thank you in advance
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    How old is your dog? If he's close to 2, you might as well wait and not get pre-lims. If he's not quite 2 and over 1, you can get a OFA cardiac clearance. You can get his EIC, CNM, Eye Clearance at any age.

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    Since you say your dog is getting close to the age for clearances, that makes me assume he is approaching two years old. Find a good veterinariain for hip and elbow x-rays after the dog turns two. Hopefully someone on here can recommend someone in your area.

    Did the sire and dam have EIC and CNM tests so you know the status of your dog? If not, plan on doing those tests. They are fairly inexpensive cheek swabs that you mail in to the testing labs (Unv. of Alfort, France for CNM and Un. of MN for EIC). You also need to find a veterinary ophthalmologist to do the annual eye exam. I would assume there is one at the veterinary college in Madison.


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    Most of the tests aren't horribly expensive, but they are a lot of leg work. If you are confident in the EIC and CNM results of the sire and dam for your dog that can save you some hassle. Best of luck!

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