? on Dogtra 1700ncp and smaller dog
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Thread: ? on Dogtra 1700ncp and smaller dog

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    Default ? on Dogtra 1700ncp and smaller dog

    I found a like new 1700ncp for $150 recently. I figured even though older it is probably still a good deal since its msrp was 300.

    After reading some reviews it seems like a solid collar with a good battery. I like the range of stimulation but am a bit skeptical of the dial not being a clicker with increments.

    anyways, my main question is that my GR female will be about 55lbs and the collar is pretty big, much bigger than other collars ive seen.

    Will this be fine for her or is it to large for her to lug around?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Senior Member Tim McGarry's Avatar
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    A 1700ncp will be just fine for her. Give the rheostat dial a chance, it gives ALOT more adjustability to suit YOUR dog.
    Tim McGarry Jr
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    Thank you for the advice

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    Any others?

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    Senior Member Marissa E.'s Avatar
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    I use the DOGTRA Edge. I'm pretty sure it's comparable in size and weight to your 1700ncp.
    My dog is 8 months old and she only goes 30lbs (just put her on the scale last week).
    I also have a 11" beagle that goes around 20-25lbs and I stick it on her occasionally to do yard work.

    They both handle it just fine. Honestly I think it looks a little goofy, yes, but it's obvious that it's size bothers me more than the dog.

    I used a TT Pro 100 and TT Classic 70 in the past for over 4 years.
    I actually do prefer my DOGTRA and the rheostat dial now.
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    Marissa Everett

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