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Thread: Who are the Current Top Producing Stud Dogs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt_hooks View Post
    am sure Grady is a top producer, but it must have alot to do with the female he is bred to. My Grady pup was out of a Qaa bitch and him and his brother wont handle any pressure, and I know another guy that had one from another litter and he was the same way, he sold his dog for $200 as a pet. He is a smart dog and dont take much to teach him anything but he is slow as christmas and doesnt have alot of drive you have to try to pump him up to get him going.

    I've seen Grady pups at 5 mo old that werent worth a nickel but were damn nice dogs a year later.
    Ive been training one that is just over2 now, not a great dog but a good one.

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    Lot of answers could come your way, there are lots of up and comers that are just starting to be bred and pups are too young to know, one that comes to mind in that catergory is B Bumble, top producers that i see a lot of are Grady, Shaq, Chopper, Carbon, Meryln, Cosmo is still in the mix, Patton i would say is in there too, Ali is throwing some nice young dogs also, Slider, Cant forget about Auggie either(sire of bullet)
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    Would have loved to be around for that $200.00 pup some don't have patience and some just don't know how to train, and apparently money to throw away. I've seen the two guys that help with my dogs rehabilitate some to you couldn't tell, hats off to Scott and Dave for their patience and love of the dog. Owner of a Grady female he definitely takes my vote!! There are a tremendous amount of dogs out there it's what makes the game fun. Have a great bunch of pups out there out of FC AFC Mickey and my Grady girl pi?? cutt'n thoroughbreds can't wait to see. He's definitely an up and coming, watch and see GO Mickey!!
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    Where the pups go (the owner & the trainer) has a lot to do with how the stud is perceived. Pups from leading FT performance dogs go to high level FT homes & get exposure to top level pros. My point gets to the perennial topic of whether a dog is more a product of the breeding or the training. There is the perception that certain studs are among the top producers but they might be mean & produce mean/antisocial pups. Others might be producing a large percentage of soft pups among their progeny. You need to look a little deeper than just the top pups produced by a stud. You might find a top producer is also producing a lot of pups with undesirable traits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKOttman View Post
    Not to hijack, but how many of these boys, besides Pirate obviously, throw those cute little brown dogs we all love so much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twin Willows Labs View Post
    Not to hijack, but how many of these boys, besides Pirate obviously, throw those cute little brown dogs we all love so much?
    I believe pirate was a top sire a few years ago, because he was FC-AFC black (didn't carry the stigmata of actually being brown ), but he could throw chocolate (positive for those looking for that), he also was EIC/CNM clear. Don't seem to be many performance studs that throw color, and are clear/clear many are EIC carriers, so I doubt very few will ever get the distinction of being top producers, just based on the small amount of breedings they are involved in. But if you like little brown dogs, might as well track the sire of those dogs. (Roux) he's in the top 10 of HRC sires this year, and has many offspring with FT points and wins, considering the limited breeding he has had. Drake was lost too soon, limited quantity = limited breedings, but also throws nice pups. Still both dogs have the stipulation of being chocolate, which will limit breeding. If you wanted to have a top producing dog, the ability to throw talent is of course paramount, but being black, clear/clear and also throwing color, opens up many further opportunities.
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    Man I missed the rule about posting something negative about Grady pups. I am sure its just a handfull of pups to all the good ones he has thrown, but if someone is going to get one it would be me. As far as my Grady dog I still have him and he is almost 2, still hope one day he will wake up and get motivated.

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    I am amazed that more people aren't going to Ford. The number of titled dogs relative to the # of his progeny is stupid good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike W. View Post
    I am amazed that more people aren't going to Ford. The number of titled dogs relative to the # of his progeny is stupid good.
    Wish there was a Like button!
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