Explain this "proverb" if you will...
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Thread: Explain this "proverb" if you will...

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    Default Explain this "proverb" if you will...

    "Train fast dogs slow, and slow dogs fast." Actually, I think it refers to "handle fast dogs slow and slow dogs fast" and doesn't refer to rushing dogs through a training program.

    That said... I am learning to be quicker on a whistle, but slower doing everything else because I tend to get in a run-and-gun tempo when I'm trying soooo hard to do things right. (And of course the dog loves this and she gets faster and I get faster and the whole exercise goes pffffttt... down the drain!) So, the first part of the proverb I get.

    But how do you train a slow dog fast?

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    I think its more about slowing down a high drive dog and keeping him in control as compared to pumping up a slow low drive type of dog that needs encouragement

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    For a slow dog, keep the tempo of training up to keep them engaged. An example is training here and sit on a lead. For a slower dog, the interval between the here and sit commands might be shorter, keeping the training session lively and the dog active. You might be running backwards doing this. For a faster dog that tends to shortcut things to get to the next, the interval between commands is slower and more deliberate, making sure you are getting good effort and a complete sit. In either case, you need to watch the dog's attitude to keep them up and interested.

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    For the "not very energetic dog" your training attire consists of Pom-Poms and a cheer leading outfit. For the "fast dog", you become the character made famous by Tim Conway Slow "Person"(YouTube)
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    In TRT, Lardy says something like: "if your dog is slow and methodical, the handler should be quick and snappy; if the dog is very quick and responsive, the handler should be slow and methodical." My take on is that the handler needs to compensate for the dog's tendency, so that a happy medium is eventually achieved.
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