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Thread: How many just hunt?

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    One thing I'll comment upon is that it is probably safe for most of us to never say "never".

    I can remember being at a NAHRA test in Northern Vermont (or maybe we were in Canada). The area was called "Derby Line" as I recall. One of the judges was named Daniel, which the Quebecers pronounce like "Danielle". I recall Paul Stuart translating what I said in English, to French for Daniel to understand. I said "I'm not a Field Trialer and I'll never be one."

    It turned out a couple decades later that I was wrong.

    We are allowed to change our minds, change our focus, etc.

    I'd suggest that many of us keep an open mind. Stuff the "other guys" do that seems like it's not for us, may turn out to be a whole lot of fun if we give it a try.

    "A smile relieves a heart that grieves"

    - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    And then you run into um 'round 8:30 a.m. while grabbin' a hot cup at the gas station after getting a quick limit. And they go on and on about how you could have done it better if they had been with you. And they make the... "call me next time".... that you know, if you do they with not show up on time for.
    Ed Zachary

    I love it when someone says I love to hunt call me next time...I dutifully call and invite and they "can't" go....sometimes I even call twice but not usually

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    I can't think of anything I would rather do in the off season that use hunt test to train my dog. It gives objectives and goals to achieve for the various levels of HT which will all make your dog better in the blind. It gives me that goal to focus on and gives people a reason to say, "nah your dog can't come, were gonna take Tater's dog. Thats a good hunting dog" haha. Sure all this can be accomplished without actually running hunt test but they're a way to meet like minded individuals that you can hunt with and train with. Only problem is if your like me and have a group you train and hunt with and we all have dogs that we want to hunt with haha. Guess were drawing straws on whose dog hunts which day
    Robert Tate
    HR Tate's Nahla "Nahla"

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    I am obsessed with waterfowl hunting. Shot my first duck when I was 14 , have NEVER missed an opening day , this upcoming Teal season will be the start of my 44th season , I will never stop chasing birds or training dogs to retrieve them as long as I am able .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Stroyan View Post
    But if your dog doesn't hunt in similar settings, be prepared for major embarrassment... HT/FT training is great preparation to develop a trained hunting dog, but a dog has to learn on the job.

    I haven't run games the last 2 years, but I train almost daily in the spring & summer. First, I enjoy training, second, I want a trained hunting dog, even though I don't get to hunt near as many days as I train.
    Agreed...there is a big difference between a MH and an MH that hunts...
    Shawn Piotter
    Powder Keg Retrievers

    Home of:

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    HR MHR TNT Pirate's Black Powder .50 Cal MH

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    Had a Judge tell me " my huntin' dogs don't test and my test dogs don't hunt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2dogs1949 View Post
    Had a Judge tell me " my huntin' dogs don't test and my test dogs don't hunt."
    Poor test dogs that don't get to hunt , My opinion a great dog can pick up ducks in the morning, run a 1st series 9-10ish, flush a few quail during the break, run another series, and pickup a couple of geese as the sun sets. A true do it all dog, where do I purchase one ? Although I will confess when hunting season rolls around, it becomes hunt. Still has anyone ever noticed that most dog clubs have hunting in their area and members who know where these places are. So If one has the excuse of running the dog in an event, one can get to Hunt areas and game that one might not otherwise have access to?
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    "They's Just DAWGS"; "I train dogs, Not papers"
    "Hunting is a skill to be learned whether you do it early or late it still needs to be learned"

    GMRH-I HRCH Quick MH (most importantly Duck/Upland Enthusiast) Rip. July-2014
    GMHR HRCH Lakota MH (most importantly Upland/Duck Enthusiast)
    MHR HR Storm SH (Beginning Upland & Waterfowl Enthusiast)

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    Senior Member Tyler Pugh's Avatar
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    I started just because I wanted a good hunting dog but I love to train year round and hunt tests keeps me interested in year round training instead of laying around during spring/summer. But hunting is what I am really interested in.
    Tyler Pugh
    "Hunt Hard, Dream Big, Aim Small"
    Acts 10:13

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    Just a hunter, newly into waterfowl hunting, with my first dog. Can't wait for Sept 1 season openers!! First ND trip planned for their opener as well!!!
    That's my boy "Blue"!!!! Flyin High in the Passenger Side x Katie May of Belgrade

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    My best friend in the world (even though he actually got me started down this road by staying after me to duck hunt for 20 years) said some of the same stuff to me about my training. Until we went hunting, dropped a bird in some cover across the pond, and I two-whistled my dog to it (couldn't see it from inside the blind) without throwing any rocks, shotgun shells, etc. I have started to return the duck addiction favor with a dog training addiction.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    Please be honest with me.

    My son-in-law is a big, big, big hunting fanatic. And he has always gone waterfowl hunting with a lab. So you'd think we would have something in common. (I do HT's and own a MH.) But when I start talking retriever stuff he looks at me like I have two heads. He probably thinks I'm a fanatic or a retriever nazi. I look at his dog and think... that's it? That's all you want from a dog??? (Internal dialogue. Would not say it out loud.)

    This is your chance to do family counseling. Will my son-in-law and I ever see eye to eye on our dogs? (Happily, he does a great job with the grand-kids. So there is that.)
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    Steve Wyatt

    HR Belle's Rolling Big Rig MH "Jimmy"

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