How to cure Bad Breath
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Thread: How to cure Bad Breath

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    Default How to cure Bad Breath

    in addition to running field trials I am also training to track deer. Chewing on dead deer hides/feet/tails gives my pup breath that would be similar to the smell of road kill. what is the best thing yall have found to use? I tried to brush his teeth with toothpaste made for dogs. is there something I could add to the water or breath chew toys/sticks?

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    Brush! It's good for them in other ways, also.

    Get the roof of the mouth and inside the cheeks and under the tongue while you're at it. Lots of stinky stuff hides in there.

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    Have vet check him in case there is a bad tooth or early start gingivitis! JMO
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    Easiest I've found is cut pork or beef long bones/soup bones (frozen given to them for 10-15 min in the evening) to keep the teeth clean, or I scrape them if they look to need it. Usually if the teeth are clean bad breath is minimal, unless there's something going on in the mouth bad tooth etc. For just sometimes doggy breath. I keep Listerine strips in my car, they stick to the top of the mouth and the dog can't spit them out (instant fresh breath) . Now I don't know if such things are safe for dogs, but sometimes such matters are needed to survive some of those 10+hr drives .
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    Nylabone Advanced Oral Care liquid additive in the water. I use the tartar control one as my one dog has issues with tartar build up. Keeps their breath smelling great too.

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    Freeze some Turkey necks............rock hard.......dogs love em...........they eat them mostly gristle.......dont damage teeth like beef bones

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    By all means, get his teeth checked by a vet! Chewing on bones or antlers would improve his breath, not cause bad. My poor older boy has to go for another oral surgery next week for a bad gum and mouth problem.
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    frozen raw turkey necks
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    Some dogs have it and some don't no matter what they eat or chew on. The combination of the wrong Ph in the mouth and carbohydrates certainly causes plaque and tartar. Once you rule out gum disease or an abscess, get the teeth cleaned up professionally and try a low carbohydrate food. It should help a lot. Stay on them brushing after the cleaning.

    Worst teeth and breath in my experience are dogs eating Pro Plan.

    Teeth is one reason why cheap food will cost you money in the long run. Where I live you will spend a minimum of $500 on a cleaning and over $1,000 for an extraction.

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