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View Poll Results: Should handlers be allowed to take a picture of their score sheet?

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    42 40.78%
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    61 59.22%
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Thread: AKC Hunt Test Judging Sheets

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    Wow, good question, and perfect answer from Doug Main. The judge is only required to show their scribble. Any more than that is at the judges discretion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whlrking View Post
    I recently posed this question to Jerry Mann, AKC Field Director, Sporting Breeds, his reply was "The Regulations state that a handler has a right to review his own dog's evaluation sheet. It does not say the handler has a right to photo or otherwise copy the sheet". Mr. Mann continued "I can not imagine why a judge would be reluctant to let a handler have a copy of, photo or otherwise have information off the judge's sheet".
    His opinion, of course, and not supported by rule book.
    Tom Dorroh

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    Labs said "So, a team that just titled under you asks for the scoresheet as a memento, and asks you to sign it, you're gonna say no because there is no legitimate reason for them to have it? Classy... "

    You do of course recall that judges are required to keep the sheets for I believe 90 days was the last ruling. Mine are here a year so a handler can come pick the one that pertains to their dog after that year for a momento. I will be glad to sign and offer more congrats and probably a coffee and conversation for as long as it is cordial. Pee in my coffee cup and things change a lot.
    John C aka jacduck

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    I voted no, talk to me about your scores after the event.

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    I voted NO but I have made one exception to that. I had a handler come up after a pass and title for a Senior dog. She explained that the owner of the dog was under going treatment for cancer and was having a rough time. She thought it would maybe cheer up her owner to see how well her dog had done. I thought that may be true so instead of giving up the original that I have to keep I made an exact as possible copy for her friend. There is always an exception to every rule and showing a little humanity goes a long way.......
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    NO vote here, remember when at a master in texas a couple years ago wore the camera glasses during running his dog? I dont know how many pages were posted on here after owner posted the film but not sure if that was ever settled. Usually after a series is completed as a judge you get questions as why a certain dog was dropped. I think if test is a good one pass/fail score normally not a difficult decision for judges and MOST handlers know when the team screwed up and don't ask about the details.

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    I'd say why not, but then I remember how such things end-up in other places, how interpretations are different, how time erodes memory, how every one has an opinion on everything, and things once share via technology can always be found and never disappear . Then I think why in the world would a exceedingly well-paid (cough) AKC judge or HT-FT judge in general would want to open up a can of worms, and have to go on the defensive over any and all of their decisions; perhaps even years later. Talk at the test, ask at the test; all decisions are final; thank you for playing.
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    I vote NO as well. Pandora's Box here. Judging is fun, but it is still hard to find judges. I have had people ask to see their sheets, but never had one ask to take a picture.
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    If you ask nicely for a good reason like a momentous most would say yes. The gentleman in question was doing so because he thought the JH test was to hard and was gathering evidence to report the judge to AKC. This person is not viewed kindly within our group. The judge was very even tempered. Just like a dog in a pack there will be one to challange with aggression.
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    Jerry Mann's response to the issue that started this was as stated earlier. The handler has the right to review his own evaluations sheet. It doesn't say that they have a right to photo or otherwise copy the sheet. Then he said I can't imagine why a Judge would be reluctant to let the handler have a copy or photo. This was the response that the handler got back from Jerry.

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