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Thread: Designer dog (Labradoodle) creator regrets

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    Thanks for sharing.......very interesting!
    I salute his honesty!
    Alain Jetté

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    A mutt, is a mutt, is a mutt...regardless what fancy name the give it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogluvah View Post
    I had previously read about his regrets, unfortunately it is too late once the cat(or Labradoodle) was let out of the bag. I went to see Robert Ballard speak over 20yr ago. He said if he could do it all over, once he discovered the resting spot of the Titanic, he would have never made it public. I wonder how many people that have done things greatly affecting the world feel that way.
    When I share my beliefs about Doodles, including the true facts that the man who first bred them found only 30% of a litter was actually "hypoallergenic", quite a few people are very surprised. They have been told Doodle pups have the best qualities of each parent. When I point out that the pups can just as easily inherit the worst qualities from each parent, many stop dead in their tracks. Most of my acquaintances are reasonably intelligent, and once they actually think about it, they realize how true it is. After all, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's kids aren't all gorgeous wonderful musicians!
    I believe they only have one child and she looks 90% billy Joel, 10% Brinkley. She certainly didn't get all the best from each.

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    Have read this before. Sad deal. Working in a grooming shop I can honestly say we have only a couple "Doodles" that are worth anything. We dread seeing them on the books. Dumber than a box of rocks!

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    Temperaments seem VERY unstable around here. We had a breeder bring some of hers to a health clinic and they were very dog reactive/ growly. I just started a class w/ my 5 mo old puppy and there is a big Doodle in it, and he too is VERY reactive (owner is doing a good job of handling him though). They seem to get more of the poodle / aloof , sometimes fearful temperament. None of the Lab happy outgoing temperament. And those coats... OMG.

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    I guess this is really off topic, but the reason Bob Ballard regrets making the location of the Titanic public is that he has always been against salvage of the wreckage. He believes it is a gravesite and should be respected and revered, not scrounged around for artifacts to be sold to the highest bidder. He would have preferred it be protected as is.

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