Layout Blind Recommentdation
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Thread: Layout Blind Recommentdation

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    Default Layout Blind Recommentdation

    I'm looking for a layout blind to use as a retired gun station and to hunt out of. Any recommendations?


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    Avery is the way to go. If you want one that has a little more roo, and has a pretty low profile The Avery Finisher is the way to go. If you want a really low profile one that isn't as comfortable the Avery Power hunter is the one you need. We use both of them at my Hunting Lodge. Comfort the FINISHER, concelment POWER HUNTER.
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    I bought Cabela's Interceptor layout blind and absolutely love it. Room and comfortable with shell storage, padded back and headrest, flagging port, and easy assembly. Plus, the price is right about $100 cheaper than the rest for the same product.

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    You can't beat Avery Blinds and there decoys. I have a power hunter and it is the best layout blind I have ever been in. I didn't like the Cabela's blind because is was way to big. I like the finisher a lot but I would pick a power hunter over it because I like the low profile and the great view you get out of it. Hope this helps.

    But you can't go wrong with the Avery line.

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    I like the Avery Finisher, now have 4 of them, Customer Service is unbeatable, had a broken headreast cam emailed them and not 5 mins they were back to me ready to sent replacemet.

    They are portable meaning you can break them down more then most, easy to strap on back or stack 4-5 on a atv. Looks like the have a new one out the called ground force, have not used, but seems faster to set up but a little more bulky to carry.

    Just my 2-cents

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    I agree with Bigisland and the other avery fans. I have hunted out of a Power Hunter and a Finsiher. Hunting out of the power hunter is not bad as they have great visibility and low profile, but if you hunt peanut fields or in any dirty areas, all they are good for is getting gun dirty. They are also a pain in the a$$ to get in and out of if you handle a dog or need to run out and pick up birds. I now only hunt from my finisher and train with a power hunter. Power hunters are great for retired guns and as you run trials across the country, they are becoming very popular.

    Avery does have excellent customer service. I broke a bracket brace...called them and they shipped me 4 just in case I broke another. All Free!!
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    Mountain Duck


    I'm going to be different. My vote is for the Final Approach X-Lander. Lower profile then a Finisher and better visibility than a Power Hunter. I know a lot of people like Power Hunters, and I like their portability, But I absolutely hate to hunt out of one. You can't see through the mesh, especially ducks. Plus everyone that hunts with one, leaves the stupid top open, and constantly get busted when birds sneak in on you. First reaction...... you guessed it, grab the lid and flare the birds.

    The new Avery Ground Force blind looks nice though. Similar to a Finisher, but lower profile, and it folds up like a Power Hunter.

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    Mountain Duck


    Hey John, if the shoe fits......wear it!!!!

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    The only problem I have with my Finisher blind is I keep falling asleep.

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    I use the Avery Power Hunter for layout goose hunting. Properly camo'ed, you cannot beat it.
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