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View Poll Results: Should the Canine Classifieds be changed/what change?

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  • No...the classifieds are fine the way they are

    72 58.54%
  • shoud be non-bumpable, non-repliable. Contact info and PM's are the way to communicate more detail

    39 31.71%
  • Other....I have posted my comment in this thread.

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Thread: Canine Classifieds - current Format - change?

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    I like the classifieds the way they are. One thing that you might consider as an exception is if some new info on the litter comes available. I see people post litters sometimes before the actual breeding takes place to let us know what might be available. Then as things start to unfold and more information comes available it would be helpful for potential buyers to have the updated info. I see info like confirming the breeding took, number of pups, color, sex, price changes, etc. as legitimate bumps that shouldn't be restricted to a timeline as long as it is done in an efficient manner. If the bump might help a buyer make a decision and is based on fact, then it is a "good" bump, imo. Bumping an ad to say that suzy looks as though she is going to pop so there must be a big litter is useless info. Posters should wait until they have plenty of info to post instead of bumping it bit by bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Atkinson
    An obvious violation of the posted speed limit was observed, so the driver was issued a warning. Am I aware that others are speeding too? Yes, I am. The one that I happened to personally observe was rbaker... That's over and done with and I've actually referred someone to his litter!
    What the majority of posters don?t see are the warnings that are sent to the ?violators? via PMs. I?ve found that a ?friendly? reminder of the guideline usually takes care of the problem. I don?t send a copy to Chris every time I send a reminder?..he?s got enough on his plate; I just do what he?s asked me to take care of! When there?s a problem (possible fraud, someone that doesn?t heed the warning, etc.), I notify Chris.

    Sure, there are some people that feel like I?m picking on them, but to be perfectly honest, I?m not. I have sent the friendly reminder based on the bumps, not the User ID.


    Tina?.I was just kidding you when I asked if you didn?t like the job I was doing!! I?m not really pouting! Just think?..if Chris does get you to help moderate, he?ll start wanting to tease Unca Jer about how many ?wimmenz? he?s got now!!!!! hehehehehehehe
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