GDG: Best present EVER & who else has dog b'day parties?
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View Poll Results: Do you give your dogs birthday parties?

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  • Yes, always

    2 10.53%
  • No but we give them birthday presents

    12 63.16%
  • Sometimes, if we remember

    3 15.79%
  • Are you crazy? Never, I don't even know its birthdate

    2 10.53%
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Thread: GDG: Best present EVER & who else has dog b'day parties?

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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    Default GDG: Best present EVER & who else has dog b'day parties?

    OK who else besides me has birthday parties for their dogs ? Doug thinks I'm nuts but I always used to have them--but poor Puffin has never had one given for her. So we're having one for her tomorrow. Some of her kids, her dog pals and their humans are coming over for doggy free swims/boat rides, limited horse chasing and manure-eating opportunities, shred-the-stuffed-animal free for alls, and Frosty Paws, then we'll shoot off some fireworks (my dogs LOVE them!) Actually we do too and since no one has an upcoming birthday we figured Puffin's was as good an excuse as any! Now Doug is giving me all kinds of grief but in an informal poll of my friends I found that most of them do give their dogs little parties or at least, birthday presents 8)

    And just in time, we received the best gift ever--this portrait of her kids, the Thug from her first litter and 4 from the spring crop. I'm just amazed at how well she captured their look and personalities. THis was done by a beginner painter, Christina Anderson of the Virgin Islands. Believe it or not she just started painting recently but I think it's just awesome. She isn't finished--she's still trying to decide on what to put in the background (can you blame her for not wanting to include our white trash unmatched porch furniture ) but the likenesses of the dogs are just outstanding.

    Here is the original photo so you can see just how good her likenesses are:

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    Senior Member JusticeDog's Avatar
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    Jul 2003


    Yes, parties if they aer in the area, and presents, or at least a special treat. Usually a dopey birthday hat as well.

    Great portrait!

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    Wow! That is beautiful lawn furniture & all!

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    Senior Member Lisa Van Loo's Avatar
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    That is not lawn furniture.

    That is a Redneck Dinette Set.

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    Nice painting! That far-left puppy looks just like my Memphis pup did. Let me know if he needs a good home! J/K

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    Feb 2006


    Julie, how did the Weimaraner puppy get into the picture?

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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Orlean VA


    Now Mark, don't be callin' my little Hush puppy a Weimeraner, you're just jealous of how rich I'm going to get breeding SilverPeakes

    Actually when I took them in to get their dew claws removed I think the vet thought that's what they were; he asked if I wanted their tails docked too I nearly grabbed my babies and ran screaming but he did a real nice job (and left the tails intact).

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    Senior Member lablover's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Richmond, VA


    I let mine have some ice cream on their birthday.

    I have a few cocktails, myself.

    In fact, I think I'll go have one now. It's after 5 PM, and Friday.
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    Jan 2005


    Wow, Julie!!! She did a fantastic job!

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