Pondering career--Not so much dog related
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View Poll Results: After 12 years on the job would you:

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  • A. Stay on and hope for the best?

    2 5.00%
  • B. Take 1/2 pay, insurance, and go to school for 4 years?

    9 22.50%
  • C. Take $100,000 before taxes and say bye?

    19 47.50%
  • D. Take option B or C and train dogs?

    10 25.00%
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Thread: Pondering career--Not so much dog related

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    Default Pondering career--Not so much dog related

    With the most recent waves in the water. Just curious.

    Jeremy Parsley

    "Faith, family, dogs and hunting, one just enhances the other."

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    Back in the late 80's GM closed my fathers plant down. He could have stayed on board until they him a job. But he ended up taking the buy-out.
    He said if he could do it over again, he would have waited it out.


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    Had a similar situation happen to me last year!

    12 yrs with a major aerospace co in Colorado, and then things slowed.
    I volunteered for the lay-off, and decided to pursue a hobby I had managed to make some money at part time, while I was working the real job!

    Im' Glad I decided to pursue the intrest,, But Mac and cheeze is gettin a little old!

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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    Default I had that choice, in 1987

    I was in the same situation with that company, on the sales division side, during the white collar force reduction in the late 80's. I took "the package" and moved on to be in control of my own destiny (if I had stayed I had a job "somewhere", "doing something"). There are times I thought "what if I stayed", but in all it has worked out.

    Just be sure of one thing, use any severence pay wisely. I took a number of months off, did lots of hunting and had a great time. But when it was time to get back to work I had put myself behind the 8 ball. In hindsight I would either have started a solid business or worked part time in a few industries/positions I liked and I'd probably be even farther along in my life and closer to true retirement.

    However, like in my tag line, life is not a destination, it is a journey. You have to enjoy the trip!!!!

    Good luck with the choice.
    You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.

    The purpose of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways, body completely used up, drink in hand, yelling and screaming, Woo Hoo what a ride!

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    At 55 with 20 years with a company I didn't like their new direction. Had enough to generate a small monthly income and said see ya! Four years later training dogs and squeaking out a living and couldn't be happier. May have to work part time occasionally but it's all good. Follow your heart with a little reality check and you'll do fine!

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    If they are offering to pay you to quit, you gotta think that their next offer isn't going to be as good.

    take the money and run regards

    There are three classes of people: those who see...those who see when shown...and those who do not see. - Leonardo da Vinci

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    Bardstown, KY


    Thanks, for the replies. I am 33, just pondering a new future.
    Jeremy Parsley

    "Faith, family, dogs and hunting, one just enhances the other."

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    I have no experience with this but will offer my thoughts (which are worth exactly what you are paying for them!).

    At 33 you are young enough to change your chosen career with little impact in the long run. I do not recall you saying if you are single or married with kids, etc. which may have an impact on your thought process.

    Anyway, as someone above said, if they are offering you money to quit, what is the next step?

    Also, you did not say whether you have gone to school previously or not. 1/2 pay and 4years of college (If I recall the option correctly) maybe the right option. But, again, this is a personal decision.

    Either way you are young and will land on your feet! Best of luck with your decision.

    Quote to wife after dating several years....."The dogs were here when you got here and they will be here when you are long gone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JParsley
    Thanks, for the replies. I am 33, just pondering a new future.
    I was just a couple of years older than you when the blood bank I was working for in CA went through a merger. I didn't like the restructuring/management plan. I was out here in NY visiting friends and made a cold call to an upstart biotech firm. Long story short, when I got home, I handed in my resignation, sold all my worldly possessions, packed up what was left and drove from CA to NY to start in the new company. That was ten yeras ago.

    Now I'm in management, and am part of a team working on building our new, 33,000sf state-of-the-art laboratory (the structural steel is up, and they're pouring the concrete slab TODAY!). None of that would have happened if I'd stayed in the old place.

    "Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here." - Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets


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    Default Education

    I would choose option #2. If you can afford to get your education. Over the course of your life it will be worth much more than 100K.


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