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Thread: Truck Tire Recommendations

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    Senior Member Ted Shih's Avatar
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    Default Truck Tire Recommendations

    I have a Ford F350 4x4 with Ainley Chassis Mount on it. I have never weighed it, but I know it is HEAVY. The F350 is rated to one ton, I mounted helper springs and still need to put 40# in my air shocks to get it to ride properly.

    I am at 105,000 miles and will need to replace my tires and am wondering what others have experienced.

    My original tires were BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A, P265/75R16. I had 51,000 miles on them, with maybe another 5-10K left on them, when I replaced them (I was headed to the National Am in Virginia, MN and wanted to make sure I didn't have any tire problems, so replaced the BFG tires early)

    - Tires were fine
    - Road noise OK
    - Good highway ride
    - Tracked well
    - Not so good in the mud

    Decided to go with Michelin LTX M/S

    - Less road noise than BFG
    - Softer ride (but not much) than BFG
    - Wanders more than BFG
    - Just as bad as BFG in mud

    I have another 5-10K on my Michelins before I need to change them

    Would like to go with BFG or Michelin - because COSTCO carries them and

    1. Costco prices are great
    2. Costco service is great
    3. Costco rotates and balances tires for lifetime of tires for FREE
    4. Costco fills tires with Nitrogen (which keeps inflation stable)

    Any ideas on other BFG or Michelin Tires to try?
    Or for that matter, other brands I should consider?

    Need good highway tires, because I drive long distances to Field Trials
    Need good mud tires because once I get there, I am off road
    Tires must be able to carry Heavy Load

    Thanks in advance

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    Senior Member Greg Seddon's Avatar
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    Ted I would take a good look at Cooper tires. I have had 4 sets great ride on the highway and great off road traction and getting between 60k and 70k on all terrain tires. The tire from Cooper is Discover ATR.
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    Senior Member lablover's Avatar
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    I've had Michelin LTX M/S on a Tahoe and current Suburban, and could not be happier. Neither weigh as much as your dog truck, and I have gotten great milage out of these tires.
    I had the Goodrich tires on a Tahoe, and could not wait to get rid of them.
    The Michelins greatly improved the ride on both of mine.

    To make the Michelins work in the mud, you HAVE to spin them. They don't really have "cleats" on the except at the edges, so they fill up with mud quickly. Spinning them, throws the mud out. You can also "saw" the steering wheel back and forth as the tires are spinning, which causes what little cleat that is in the tire, to grab more solid ground. It does work.

    A friend had Michelin AT tires on his Toyota and said they did good in mud. He states they were quiet on the road. The Michelin web site states they are better in mud than the LTX.
    Mileage seems close. I will probably try the Michelin AT the next time around.

    Your other option is to put a cleated mud tire on the rear and see how that works. If that's not enough, you can add cleated tires to the front also.

    I would also check the Consumer Reports web site on tires.
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    Senior Member Jason Ferris's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Seddon
    Ted I would take a good look at Cooper tires. I have had 4 sets great ride on the highway and great off road traction and getting between 60k and 70k on all terrain tires. The tire from Cooper is Discover ATR.
    I'd second that - I've got Cooper Sure Tracs on my truck and they have been great.

    Regards, Jason.

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    #3 recommendation for Coopers. I live in Montana and these tires are awesome in the snow and mud. I usually go with an aggressive tire which is a little noisier on the highway but well worth it when in you're in the mountains. I have got roughly 60,000 miles on the last 2 sets I have owned.

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    I have had the Michelan LTX/ AT on my truck for 120,000 miles with 10k left. Great traction, low road noise !

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    Senior Member Paul-TEXAS's Avatar
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    Here's what I have used for years.

    I am also a Cooper fan.

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    Senior Member tshuntin's Avatar
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    I just called the Manager at out local Les Schwabb tire store that we do a bunch of business with. His first recommendation would be the WILD COUNTRY XTX made by Goodyear for Les scwabb. They are E rated (10 ply). LS offers free lifetime balance and rotation, free road hazard, etc.. The tires are rated to carry 3415 lbs per tire (13,660 total). He has ran these on his truck pulling 28 foot camper trailer and has been very happy. This doesn't help you for Costco but, something to look at. Les schwabbs are starting to be everywhere too.

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    Senior Member Golddogs's Avatar
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    Any ideas on other BFG or Michelin Tires to try?
    Or for that matter, other brands I should consider?
    The new Goodyear Silent Armour line. Spendy but well worth it.
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    Ted are those Michelins 10 ply? If not, go up to the load range E and the wandering shoud cease. Caused by flexing of the sidewalls. If you want a good mud tire, Toyo Open Country MT is a dedicated mud tire available in a load range E, though obviously not available at Costco. BFG A/T may be a little better than the Rugged trail, though still not too good in the mud. I have a set on a diesel Excursion that goes 8500 lbs and they've gone 50+. Slightly noisy when they wear, though.

    I don't think you will find a tire that is good on both highway and mud.

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