Very proud of my nephew!!
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Thread: Very proud of my nephew!!

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    Senior Member Sue Kiefer's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Default Very proud of my nephew!!

    My nephew, the eldest son of my youngest sister has volunteered to go back to Iraq!!
    He is a Marine,who is stationed in Yuma, Arizona.
    He is 23yrs. young and has been in the Marines for 4 yrs.
    He has been all over the world.
    His specialty is intelligance(spelling )
    He will be working in his field of training in Iraq, but that is all he can tell his family.
    Aaron is home on leave until the 15th of Feb. than will go back to Yuma,AR. to pack to go to Camp Penelton(Spelling ) then to Iraq.(March 1st.)
    My sister and her son made arrangements today for his funeral "in case" he doesn't come home.!!
    What a thing to discuss with a child!!
    Please keep my Godson ,my brave nephew in your thoughts and prayers as he fights for what he believes in.

    Marine Sgt. Aaron Michael Bogacz you ARE "My Hero!!"
    "Semper Fi"!!!!!

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    Senior Member Andy Carlson's Avatar
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    Otis, ME


    Your family must be so proud of him! I wish him nothing but a safe tour of duty.


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    Senior Member tshuntin's Avatar
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    Ogden, Utah


    Please thank him from all the Skeen family in Ogden, Utah. God bless all our soldiers to return home safely.

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    Senior Member Captain Mike D's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    East Central F


    Prayers are sent from Fl for your nephew. His bravery to go back to Iraq is exemplary and I am so glad there are so many many sons and daughters of this country willing to step up for our country if the need arises. Please keep us informmed as to his status, and maybe he could provide a little insight to the way things really are there, instead of the media headlines looking for ratings on the evening news ,if he has the time.


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    Upstate NY

    Default nephew

    It's great that he has your support as I'm sure he has the support of the rest of his family. The more support that is attained in the quest of a goal, the easier it is to achieve.

    Semper Fi regards.

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    Senior Member Dale's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    Thank him for his service from South West Pa.
    Because he serves the rest of us sleep without fear.

    As for there making arrangements should the worst happen, I think that shows great courage on both his and his mothers part.

    God Speed & Semper Fi!

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    Dec 2005
    Harris NY


    People speak of the "younger Generation" and wonder how they will take on the responsibilities of running our country. It's young people like your nephew that prove to us that our future is in good hands. I commend him for his courage and service. Special prayers for your nephew and all our service people. You must be very proud.


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    Senior Member badbullgator's Avatar
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    Please thank him for his service.
    My nephew is there as well. One tour with the Army. Now he works for a "Company" doing interogation for the Navy. Not sure what the Navy is doing in country (a lot of sand and no water) , but I have a pretty good idea what "Company" he works for.

    Other nephew was there for Gulf War I and then three tours in the current including the invasion.
    Third nephew is a Navy Security officer and did three tours in the gulf boarding ships coming in and out of the gulf.

    Gotta love those kids with no values
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    Senior Member FOM's Avatar
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    All three of my nephews are there right now - they shipped out about 3 weeks ago....1 Navy, 1 Marine and 1 Navy turned Army....talked to my sister the other day and they are all three safe - funny thing is they are all three 50 miles away from Bagdad but in opposite directions of each other....

    Proud of my nephews...

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    Tell him thank you from Iowa. Once he is there tell him to let us know what he needs, I would love to send him something as a token of appreciation.

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