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Thread: Sad loss for an outstanding young man!!!

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    Jun 2005
    Southeast Missouri

    Default Sad loss for an outstanding young man!!!

    Got a phone call today, that Hunter Owens from East Prairie, MO lost his friend, hunting companion, and hunt test dog "Moon" today. If any of you have ran hunt test in the MidSouth Region then I'm sure you've met Hunter.

    His dog Moon, had a hard past year with a ton of medical complications. Today was more than her body could take.

    HuntMads RC Cola and a Moon Pie JH

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    Senior Member ducksoup's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Ontario, Canada


    Never easy to loose a young dog -- thoughts are with him
    "When dogs make mistakes, don't hold it against the dog! Point the finger at yourself." -- Rex Carr

    Happiness is puppy breath!!!!!

    "FC" stands for Friend and Companion!!!!!

    Ducksoup Kennels
    Home Of The Springwaters Quick To Maxx (my "FC")
    Mike Ormsby, Ontario, Canada

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    Senior Member Judy Chute's Avatar
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    He and "Moon" were so lucky to have spent the time the did together as companions, hunting, training and trialing...

    HuntMads RC Cola and a Moon Pie JH , "Moon"

    So sorry they had such a hard last year..

    Most Sincere Condolences..


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    Yorkville, Illinois

    Default Moon

    Sorry to hear about Moon. I'm sure you'll be working with a new pup very soon. My best regards,

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    Thank you for thinking of Hunter at 13 this has been hard on him.

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