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Thread: Perry Florida Training

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    depends on the season

    Default Perry Florida Training

    Is there a group or individual training close to Perry that three travel weary MHs could join for a day or two. Their owners would be glad to throw birds, plant blinds, shoot or do whatever was needed including paying a fee.

    We will be in Perry until after the completion of our property purchase in early March and will not get out of this RV until early April.

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    You might want to contact the some of the folks in the Jacksonville Retriever Club. They have folks that train over in the Archer, FL area which is resonably close to Perry. You could also drive up to Tallahasse.

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    You can always take a nice dirve down to S.W Florida and we can set you up. I think your best bet would be the Jacksonville club. There are a couple of guy on here, Buck Mann and Thomas D that trian in the Ocala area I think, Look them up and PM them.
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    There are some of us further west of you.

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