Chris Atkinson Called Up and Bound Overseas
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Thread: Chris Atkinson Called Up and Bound Overseas

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    Default Chris Atkinson Called Up and Bound Overseas

    I can think of few who would be as well qualified as Chris Atkinson to represent American sportsmen overseas. Not only is Chris a tireless worker and, in many ways, an un-sung hero of the gundog fraternity in the US through RTF and other gundog events, but he is also one of your country's leading duck-callers, indeed a recent member of the judging panel in your National Championships.

    What I admire most about Chris Atkinson is his sense of fair play and his ability to defuse a situation in a firm, yet dignified manner. He is someone who can put a viewpoint across without being overbearing while at the same time, speaking from knowledgable perspective.

    For all these reasons and for more, I have invited and Chris has accepted my invitation to travel to the National Countrysports Fair in Northern Ireland at the end of May 2007. This game fair is the largest in Ireland and we had the pleasure of hosting a successful US Retriever team in 2004. Chris will be a worthy American follow-on and I know his attendance will be appreciated and his contribution to the event thoroughly enjoyed.

    I feel sure that all on RTF will want to wish Chris success for his trip as he comes here to demonstrate to us Irish sportsmen the art-form that US style duck-calling undoubtedly is. Impart information on US gundog training methods as he talks to Irish handlers at the seminars he will speak at during his trip and, as he surely will, dispell some of the myths and misconceptions that exist out there in retriever world!

    Chris is freely giving up his time and we are grateful to him for that. Be assured that he will be looked after heartily this side of the Atlantic.

    It would be nice to see the many friends of Chris offer their best wishes through RTF as once again, new ground is broken in the world of country sports (hunting) through this medium.

    The website of the game fair is Shortly a page will be added to advise game fair visitors about Chris' visit and their opportunity for meeing with him.

    I'll post more information here over the next few weeks.


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    Default good news

    Does Chris need anyone to carry his luggage? Sounds like a great experience and opportunity!

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    Have a great time over on the "old sod" Chris -- an obviously worthy choice to represent all of us from this side of the pond -- hope you have a pint of Guiness or two for all your fellow RTFers while in Ireland
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    That's awesome! Chris, have fun and show 'em what ya got! And oh yeah, take lots of pics to post on RTF when you get back lol.

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    Chris, is entering the duck calling competition!!!. How cool, is that!!!!!!!!!!

    A group of friends were over for dinner, a couple of nights ago. They were all asking how the great Australian labradors would be compare to the great multiple US dogs. Long suffering quickly replied " stupid question, not the same competition, unless we compete against them, no way of knowing."

    Chris, good luck have a great time. I am sure your hosts will be wonderful.

    The world is getting smaller, thanks in part to the RTF.
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    Depends on the season


    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie

    The world is getting smaller, thanks in part to the RTF.
    A large part due to Chris's efforts. Congratulations

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    Brother Bill (Nimrod),

    I really appreciate the kind words. I have spoken at length with Marty Newport about his experiences and I have no doubt that this will be a great opportunity. I intend to make the most of it...hopefully I'll bring a little value somewhere.

    Ironically, when my son and I competed at the Mississippi Valley Calling Contests last weekend, we ran into Marty Simpson and Stephen Bell of the Stuttgart, AR Chamber (The World Duck Calling Championship Sanctioning body)

    I shared with them the news of this upcoming potential trip, and the very real chance that an Irish National Champion delegate may aspire to come to Stuttgart to compete in a future "world's". They were quite open to the idea!

    I'm absolutely thrilled by the prospect of meeting Irish sportsmen and sportswomen, shooters, trialers and of course the callers. If this handling thing in the retriever event works out, and I hope it will, I'll have to "forget" some of my traditional American handling stuff, in order to talk the talk with an Irish retriever.

    It's going to be a great time!

    - Chris
    "Determining and applying the criteria for when and when not to use correction is the essence of the art of dog training. I make a distinction between a mistake and a lack of effort." - Mike Lardy - Volume I "After Collar Conditioning"

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    Given the implications of a thread title like this one's, it sounds like you drew some great duty. Soak it all in, we'll be expecting a full report.
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    Default Good

    Great Chris, just watch out for that dang Irish whiskey.

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    Senior Member Steve Shaver's Avatar
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    You couldn't have possibly picked a better representitive from this side of the pond. Your description of Chris is highly accurate.

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