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Thread: A-B-C DRILL

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    Senior Member Raymond Little's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
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    Default A-B-C DRILL

    can someone explain what this drill is for me? and what it does for the dog? i must be behind the curve.

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    Senior Member Tim West's Avatar
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    May 2003
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    It's a drill where four guns are out in the field, and the marks are thrown where the line to one mark will be through, adjacent or next to the area of another mark.

    For instance, two of the guns are long. One long right, one long left.

    Two of the marks are short, and in between the other marks as you see it fron the line.

    The long left gun thrown a flat mark from right to left. (90 degree throw). You run your dog to the mark. All ABCD marks are singles.

    You then have the short left mark throw a long single flat to his left, your right. You send the dog.

    The next mark is long right. he shoots and throws to his right, your left. This mark will be exactly over the fall of the mark you just threw. Send for a single and now the dog must go over an old fall.

    Basically, you can set this drill up where the line to marks are right off a short guns back, under the arc, through a fall, etc. It teaches a dog to ignore other white coats that are out in the field and to just concentrate on the mark being thrown. It also helps on head swinging.

    I do this drill with birds and bumpers. When I use bumpers I like to throw them farther than a regular bird throw, as it promotes a dog marking the mark and not the thrower.

    This can be conusing without a diagram, and I'm sure somebody has one they can post.


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    Senior Member Raymond Little's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Lake Charles/Big Lake


    think i have it tim, thanks. a diagram would be great if anyone can post. the y drill is similar isn't it?

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    Senior Member Buzz's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Brookings, South Dakota


    Here are some pictures.

    The Y drill as I know it now is having one gunner in the field. You have him throw one single flat, have the dog pick it up. Then throw one angle back in the opposite direction, have the dog pick it up. Finally, thorw one angled in, have the dog pick it up. Each mark is 120 degrees from the others, like a sideways Y. It teaches the dog to hunt around the gunner, instead of having it be always in the same place relative to the thrower.
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    Senior Member KwickLabs's Avatar
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    Here are two different views of a remote line water ABC marking drill. 8)

    Jim Boyer KwickLabsii.com

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    Jan 2003


    now THAT'S a pretty piece of training water!!!

    as your dog progresses, you can stress marking the bird by having the gunner "walkaway' to the next throwing station. watch your dog's line bend the first few times you do it! when this no longer is an issue, you'll have a much more focused dog,one that isn't distracted by a noisy or fidgety gun station or poorly hidden or retired guns... -paul
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    Member Doug Grant's Avatar
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    This drill was originally created by Dan DeVos......one thing that I don't think anyone has mentioned, is that you run the four singles with the birds thrown in one direction, and then repeat it with the birds thrown in the opposite direction.....

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