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Thread: Medical Question

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    Default Medical Question

    Went to the Vet the other day and my Lab was diagnoised with Acral Lick-Granuloma. Does anyone here have any experience with this condition? Vet said it was very hard thing to treat successfully. He told me his treatment consisted of long term antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and psylogical drugs to mellow the dog out. Im not crazy about the psycho drugs in a field trial dog. He also suggested I get a second opinion from dermatogloist.

    keep swinging

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    Totally unscientific, personal experience repl, my wonderful dog Harry, once had a blemish the vet called a Lick Grnuloma. He got over it, with none of the operations, etc. but at 9 years old died of mast cell cancer. Cant help but believe they were related.

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    lick granulomas can be very tough to treat. They can start from a little injury or sometimes dogs can just start licking an area and become obscessed (obscessive compulsive disorder OCD). The "psycho" drugs are used to treat the OCD side of the problem. We see this in a lot of working dogs such as retrievers and pointers that are kenneled a lot and don't get enough exercised. They get bored and start licking a spot on their leg/foot.

    good luck--these can be very frustrating for the vet and the pet owner.


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    Kristie Wilder


    I'd make sure to rule out all kinds of stuff, including fungus and other things that could bother your dog. Splinters or other foreign bodies, contact-type things. How long has he been doing it?

    From the little bit of experience I've had with it, it's from neurotic dogs (most often pets) that are just plain unstable.

    If I saw it in a working dog, I'd bet it was because SOMETHING was bothering them there UNLESS they have behavioral/psychological problems. The dog that I've seen with it are obsessive, anxious types. Or highly driven and bored...

    WHEN is he licking on it? What have you tried to fix it?


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    My dog had an operation on this ankle last year because she was bit by a ground hog it got infected and had a slight tear to a ligament. She had the operation and was fine up to a few weeks ago. She is a pup that was sired by FC Running with the Devil and has tons of desire and excitment. She is probably bored she doesnt get worked alot especially lately. A ton going on at work for myself. Where do you suggest I start? Should I see a dermatoglogist? What are ya all suggestions? As of right now the only thing I have done is brought her to the VET he gave her a cycle of antibiotics and put a cone on her head for the time being until it heals sufficently.

    thanks in advance

    keep swinging

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    There was a huge thread on work gold on this, and the aggreement was USUALLY boredom-walk,throw balls anything to keep active or use her brain.
    Lots of non-neurotic dogs get it when they have time off.
    i would also get a good chiropractor to look at her-back injuries can cause tingling.
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