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Thread: Osama GDG

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    Senior Member RailRoadRetrievers's Avatar
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    Default Osama GDG

    Watching the news last night and this morning and heard rather lengthy discussions about the possibilities on closing in on Osama. Which pose these questions for you guys.

    1. Do you really think we are getting closer to taking him out?
    2. If so, what will this do for our country?
    3. What will it do for our troops in Iraq and Af-a-gana-stan?

    I hope we are close to killing the SOB. I also think that the attitude here might change some concerning the mission at hand. I know that this could be a HUGE morale booster for the men and women protecting this country.

    Your thoughts....

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    Senior Member brian breuer's Avatar
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    Moral booster will be about it. I hope we get him but I don't think it will make a pinch of s--t of difference in the world as a whole.

    The Shiites and Sunnis will still hate each other and kill many more. Afganistan will still harbor terrorists and produce huge amounts of opium to fund them. But, it will feel good until the next big IED or ambush takes place and more US troops die.

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    Senior Member Sue Kiefer's Avatar
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    I'm afraid that I agree with Brian.
    People that have been fighting among themselves for thousands of years are NOT going to stop anytime soon. They really know no other way of life.
    Do they??????
    Hopefully it will make a difference with how the people of this country feel(safer, Troops come home sooner)

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