What to Do with Old Trophies?
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Thread: What to Do with Old Trophies?

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    Default What to Do with Old Trophies?

    A long time ago, I used to do a lot of bowling, and won a lot of trophies. When I had accumulated too many trophies, I decided to take a hint from a friend. I peeled all the little nameplates with my name and accomplishment off of them, and put them all on one plaque. And then I took all my trophies and donated them to a junior bowling program at a local bowling alley.

    Now I have a couple friends who have tons of retriever trophies, not the kind that were given out at licensed field trials, but at sanctioned trials. They are not of any real value. They are like my old bowling trophies but instead of a bowler on top, there are dogs.

    Any suggestions on where these trophies can be given away for a good use?
    Kevin Walker

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    Senior Member Ga Woodrow's Avatar
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    I know some HRC clubs give trophies when a dog titles. Maybe they would be interested. Would also make great prizes for youths at puppy stakes. Just an idea.

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    You could always sell them on E Bay (semi serious suggestion)
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    I think re-using them for youth stakes is a great idea.

    lesa c
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    Give them to old men running young dogs! They need all the encouragement they can get Bill
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    How old are you, Bill?
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    Donate them to the local 4-H club. That's what I did with a bunch of old trophies I had from showing horses.


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    Senior Member Jerry's Avatar
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    With the Cookoff trophies, we would just collect them 3-4 years later, put a set of matching ones together, put new nameplates on them and give them out again.

    Saved the Sponsors a few bucks.

    Eventually they get in the way!!!

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    I gave away my old trophies from archery, hockey, baseball, motorcycle, car and truck racing. I thought who wants to see that old crap, turns out I would like to look at it know and then. I am not getting rid of the dog trophies they are to freakin hard to come by. I have a nice space in the home office that looks pretty sparce. I say put em in a box and put them in the basement. Good thing you dont live in TX
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