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Thread: Ear Cleaning Solutions

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    Default Ear Cleaning Solutions

    Ear Cleaning Solutions

    I have just about finished the small bottle of Gent-L-ClensŪ that I got from the vet. I also just received a catalog form Drs. Foster & Smith and they have a product called Ear ClensŪ Solution. I may just get it from the vet again but was wondering are ear cleaning solutions pretty much the same? The contents are not identical on these two product but appear to be similar. Obviously they are a bit different chemical make up but are they pretty much the same or is there anything to watch for or be aware of when making a purchase of ear cleaning solutions?

    What product or products, if any, do you all use?


    Joe Miano

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    I use Gent-L-Clens..my vet doesn't carry it but it is available from a bunch of places online.

    I like it because it doesn't contain alcohol and doesn't seem to sting my dog's ears (they don't object to it).

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    I bought some new solution from my vet a few weeks back called Douxo Micellar Solution. It's a smallish bottle and I paid $30 or so.

    Goose was having problems with wax/crud/dirt in one ear. The vet's assistance said they were having success with this solution and that you should see the wax debris start to loosen up after a day or so. And she was right. I've never had a solution break up wax debris like this stuff. And I couldn't believe all the debris that was down there. His ear is clean now.

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    Default ear

    I buy Oti Clens and Pet Otic (same stuff) cost $6.00 a bottle have been using it for over 30 years . My dogs have never had any ear problems except once when I forgot to bring it on a test, my dog ended up with a severe ear infection.

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    No, many ear solutions are different but F & S private labels products that are available under other names.
    Nancy P

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    DermaPet Malacetic Otic....from the vet. I have 4 ounce bottles.

    Acidifies, ph adjusting all natural hypo-allergenic
    2% acetic and 2% boric acid solution with surfactants. An ear cleaning and drying solution. Very gentle.

    Regular price item..

    Also have Virbac Epi-Optic ..works, too. 16 ounce bottle.

    I use after baths, swimming and in general..after training in wet land conditions, during hot, humid weather. ..even sometimes just putting on soft cotton and cleaning just inside ear flap to keep moisture away and clean training dirt off.

    No ear problems. ..squeekey clean

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    I use Epi-Otic by Virbac which was recommended by my vet. I clean ears after my dog is exposed to water (training, bathing, etc.) and at least once a week during the months with high humidity. I have been very satisfied with the results and my golden has never had any ear issues.


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    I use OtiRinse at least once a week...more often if we've been training a lot in water. My FBL is prone to yeast infections in her ears, so I'm pretty careful about keeping them clean. OtiRinse also has a drying agent in it, and it doesn't smell bad at all.

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    I guess it depends on what you want the solution to do but..........................................if it's just to keep the ear canal clean and dry and free from infections and yeast, use a solution of 1/2 white vinegar to 1/2 water. Nothing bad (bacteria, yeasts etc.) can live in that environment.

    This was recommended to me by a retired veterinarian who no longer rely's on expensive medications to boost his income.

    Probably not good to use this if the ear has an abrasion as the solution will sting and cause the dog to dislike anyone working on his ears.[/u][/b]
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    Dr. Jimmy's (vet) and Dr. Kathy's (audiologist) Ear Douche

    1/2 c warm water
    1/2 c vinegar
    1 drop Dawn dishwashing liquid
    1 pinch boric acid powder

    Both of them, unknowlingly, came up with the same formula, and it works.
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