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Thread: Purina One Large Breed Adult vs Purina Pro Plan Performance

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    Senior Member Georgia Smith's Avatar
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    Default Purina One Large Breed Adult vs Purina Pro Plan Performance

    We have been feeding Purina One Large Breed Adult to our 3 1/2 yo 70lb YLF for years since switching from Purina One Large Breed Puppy. She is healthy, good condition and lovely coat. We hear more and more from pros and training partners recommending Purina Pro Plan.

    Is there a significant difference and in what regard? Coat, conditioning, energy, stool size????


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    I have spent a fair amount of time comparing labels and prices.

    There is more than one kind of Pro Plan. Pro Plan Performance costs a little more than the others and has a higher protein and fat content.

    I get Pro Plan Chicken and Rice for close to the price of what I could get Purina One Chicken and Rice. The recipe in Purina One is now different also. They used to be more similar. I don't really think my dogs need the performance version, but they are just by nature active enough to need more than what comes in the Large Breed feed. The feed looks different coming out of the bag, and that tells me it is different.

    For comparison sake, I would compare the products with the same protein and fat content. Purina One doesn't come in a product with protein and fat as high as Pro Plan Performance.

    If you are comparing a Large Breed version of food, to a performance version, the difference is the fat and protein content by a larger margin.

    The question that should be asked is whether or not people who train dogs feed a adult large breed version? and what difference that makes in a dogs health and performance?

    When you feed the Large Breed feed you are obtaining the opposite goal of feeding the performance feed. Large Breed is low fat. Performance is high fat.

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    Senior Member ducksoup's Avatar
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    I'd go with Pro Plan -- my 17 month BLM has done very well on both Large Breed Puppy and Large Breed Adult -- great coat -- keeping at good weight -- and a lot of pros do use
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    Senior Member Rick Hall's Avatar
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    I feed both, depending on how hard the dogs are working, and danged if I can see any difference other than not having to cut portions as much to keep them from getting fat during less active months if we drop from the 30/20 PP to a 26/16 PO formula. (That, and I can get their food at a local grocery or Walmart, instead of making a two-hour round trip.) Dogs are happy, have pretty pelts and produce tootsie-roll turds on either feed.

    So if your dog were mine and I had no problem keeping weight on it, I'd see no gain in switching from the One formula that's been working.
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    Senior Member Georgia Smith's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Laurel Highlands, SW. PA


    Thanks to all.

    I like your suggestion Rick. I will switch to the Pro Plan Chicken & Rice for higher protein and fat while training so I don't have to up the volumn of One to maintain weight. Good thinking!


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