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Thread: WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*

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    Default WANTED - CANINE Classifieds Policy *PLEASE READ*

    The Classifieds for Wanted - Canine will no longer show any ads older than 60 days. During this time, any all ads may be edited by the advertiser an unlimited number of times.

    You may not delete your own ad. If find the dog you are looking for, please EDIT YOUR AD to indicate this. (Go to your ad, click the "edit" button, type in new text and hit "submit")

    During the 60 day time period, all advertisers are asked to edit their ads to keep them current and up-to-date.

    Duplication of any ad before the 60 day removal date will be grounds for ad deletion and RTF account deactivation.... (place more than one ad here and you will be "read only" on RTF)
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