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Thread: Super Sonic Scooter pups?

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    Default Super Sonic Scooter pups?

    I was wondering if anyone on here has offspring from Super Sonic Scooter. My pup is down at training right now with 2 of his siblings. I am wondering if temperament is as good as I am getting in the opinion of others. So, I wanted to know if anyone else had some experience with them. We really love our Blaze, and would like to meet some brothers and sisters that are long lost!


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    I have a male scooter pup. Mine is very small in size but he is very trainable, aims to please and has a good nose for birds. He is a little soft. Overall a nice dog.
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    I don't have any personal experience with Scooter pups, but a friend of mine has a male by Scooter. Went to a hunt test with them this summer - he's a very nice, trainable dog. His owners (who are also his trainers/handlers) think highly of him. He started running HRC seasoned tests this Fall at 9 months. He was a bit small in size when I saw him back in June, but he was so young yet. Very sweet dog.

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