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Thread: Thanks for the Dance - Tributes/Condolences

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandywinelabs View Post
    It has been a tough 6 months losing one at 8yrs old and now her mother.

    Even though a little obstinate (sp?) at times, she did get master passes before we had to quit running hunt tests for a time. She was very adept, when training with bumpers, in not showing the fact that she was ignoring the bumper and looking like she was hunting hard.

    At 9.5 she ran our clubs first HRC seasoned test and was one of two who passed. She was still doing triples at 11. Over the last year she had declined quite a bit and suddenly within two days she lost all spark and was basically listless.

    She also produced our first CH.

    RIP Sadie 2/23/97 to 11/06/10.
    I remember her well Greg and am sorry to hear of your loss.
    ~Moira Sheehan
    Third Creeks Twisted Sister***QAA

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    Tri Star Guess We'll Keep Ya,CDX,MH,WCX...KIP 4/13/98-01/06/11 RIP buddy
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    my beloved spunky R.I.P

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    The simple words I used when I put Vinny down:
    Please forgive me for my mistakes and I have forgiven you for yours.
    I hope your memories of our short time together are as good as mine.
    May your next journey will be lots of birds and papers to retrieve!
    This is what he was all about!:
    Vinny last hunting year
    53 pheasants in South Dakota 200 + ducks in Idaho
    Lasting memories Vinny was 13+ years old!

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    Only got through a page of this.

    Can't think of when the time will come when I have to do that again.

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    What I Thought Today
    by Earlene Lacy

    Today I was walking and I turned to see your tail wagging as it disappeared in the bushes to my right.
    I thought “I wonder where he is off to now.”
    Up the hill and down the back side and I turned the corner just in time to see your brown head dip under the black raspberry bushes.
    I thought “He better not be eating those again.”
    Down the forest path and across the foot bridge, I looked back to see the ripples in the water where you went swimming toward the beaver dam.
    I thought “He’ll be in trouble for stealing those sticks.”
    Through the pines, I heard a burst and saw the grouse flush out from just under where
    I swore I saw your back go under the bough.
    I thought “Good on you, old boy”
    Across the meadow I look out to see the grass parting as you quarter on up toward the house, nose to ground.
    I thought, Hunt em up, boy.
    Back in the house sitting by the window, I look over at your bed. And at first glance, you are curled up there sleeping soundly.
    I thought “What another great day we had old boy”
    Then I realize it was the window in my heart that I saw you through all along.
    I thought “Rest in Peace, dear boy”.
    We’ll do it all again in my memories another day.

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    Im really glad you guys have this site on here. I lost a friend I dont think I will ever get over. I have never been more depressed or sad over a person passing than my friend lexi. Courtneys Alexis. I had her for almost ten years. In that time I came to love her and depend on her very much. I had been in a car accident and was not able to get around very well. She was my constant companion in and out of the field. She picked up car keys, my cane, I even used her as a brace if I fell in order to get up. She was a pillow for me and my grandkids, my hunting partner fishing buddy and everything else you could say. I once fell while fishing and dropped about 20 fish and since I couldnt bend over it looked like I was going to leave them. I looked at lex and she was staring intently at me wagging her tail. I said get em lexi....... and she brought me all of them and helped me bring them to my truck. I could bore everyone with all my stories and there are alot, but I wanted to tell people who cared about my baby and best friend. My loss is felt by me everyday. I feel sorry for myself because she died. About a year and a half ago, she developed a large tumor on one of her mammaries. A vet told me he could remove it and she should be ok. But he didnt spay her. Last oct. she developed a bad cough. I took her to a vet I knew and he said she just had allergies and everything felt ok with the oper. site. We treated her for allergies for about a month. She got worse, another vet and blood work showed her white count at 36,000. He was aggraveted that the first vet hadnt spayed her and did it then. Very infected and she went down hill fast. She couldnt get up after a while. The last night I told God if she wasnt going to get well take her or I would have to put her down and I couldnt do that. The monday before christmas she came to my room and got me. I had slept with her on her bed many times, this time I sat and babied her and loved her until almost 4 a.m. At five she died. I will always miss her.

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    My personal favorite Tribute to a Great Dog. One of the Greatest....

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    They are all great- they love us and teach us so much about ourselves. God bless the dogs in our lives and arent we lucky we let them into our hearts.

    To my beloved Cooper- just a lab but started my love of the breed
    Conservation not preservation

    SR Kaiser in Ely's Shadow JH
    Ely in Cooper's Shadow JH (hunting doggie)
    Cooper my first lab hiking and frisbee buddies

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