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Thread: Thanks for the Dance - Tributes/Condolences

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    "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them.

    And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart.

    If I live long enough, all the components of my heart with be dog,

    and I will become as generous and loving as they are".
    Field trial labradors, the wind beneath my wings,

    sometimes poop under my boots.

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    AFG's Crazy Dayzee, Aug 13,2006 - Aug 23-2009

    For my crazy, sometimes naughty, always loving 'little girl'
    You were taken from us too young, and my heart aches knowing you will not be here in the morning. But it helps me to know you are in a better place than I and I know I will see you again one day.
    Give Honey, Morgan, Nestle, and Kiska a Dayzee high five for me.
    God answers prayers all the time. Even the ones we don't know we asked. God is Good (always)

    "There are only two ways to live your life.
    One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle."

    - Albert Einstein

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    I found this link toady:
    "You can't eat a pig whole, but you can eat a whole pig." - Joe S.

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    After the BAHRC test was over yesterday, my father and I packed up the tables and told the last few people there good bye. As we turned of off 98 and drove down 95, we passed two of the dove fields that we shoot a lot in the winter. Birds are already in the sunflowers.

    I knew that the Mystics float barn was extremely close to where we typically shot doves but I didn’t realize just how close. My father, brother, and I had kicked around behind it a few times and watched the doves flying and even noted the wood ducks as they tried to land in the pond one evening while we were training. I also knew that this was where they had buried Thor when he got killed back in June.

    After we finished putting the tables in the barn, I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to ask. “Dad, where is he at?”

    He answered and said to follow him. We walked down the hill just a little ways and dad stopped. “Son, see that big red oak down there about 100 yards away? The ground is shaded there from 9 AM throughout the rest of the day. You can shoot to both of those dead trees and the pond’s edge from the shade.” As he finished speaking, he looked at me and with a broken voice said “Walk down there by your self. You don’t need me for this. I’ll be in the truck when you are ready to leave.” As he turned and walked away, I watched a 60 year old man wipe tears from his eyes while trying not to let his son see him.

    I walked down the hill by myself with mixed emotions going through me. Happy because I had, just a few hours earlier, received my first title with the new dog. Sad because my father was obviously emotional and this was the first time I had been to the burial site. Proud because of the detail and thoughts my brother and father put into Thor’s last resting spot.

    The thoughts going through my head were disturbed as I got closer to the first dead tree. 17 doves were using the limbs as a resting spot. Through the tears that were swelling up in my eyes, I looked over at the other tree and watched as some more doves came out also. I couldn’t count them all but, there weren’t as many there.

    As I sat down next to the base of the tree, I could see the tell tale depression in the ground where it had been disturbed by a shovel. I couldn’t take it anymore and let the tears flow. As I sat wiping the last tear out of my eyes, I watched the doves slowly starting to come back and as an added bonus, 2 local mallards swam through the pond. I guess they had been there all along and I had failed to see them.

    During the trip back up the hill, I had the final emotion of the trip sneak up on me. Relief. His last resting place couldn’t have been laid out any better than it was.

    The drive home was quite. Neither one of us spoke very much. As we opened the front door, 2 labs (mine and his), ran over to meet us like they hadn’t seen us in years. Those eyes with unconditional love sure can put a smile back on your face faster than anything.
    Richard Gravely

    GRHRCH UH Hammer MH ***
    GRHRCH UH Zeus

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    Thank you to all that had posted to this thread, It has warmed my heart and made me sad reading all the post and poems. I will also have one to post one day about my great retriever. But until then, thank you to all and god bless.

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    Great post ! Made me think of all the great dogs I've seen come and go in recent years.

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    Holy Crap! I can't read those!! Seriously I get all teary eyed if I try. If I actually read them I'd start bawling.

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    Good grief,,,I can't take reading these either.
    As someone once said they are with us much too short a time.

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    These are killing me...

    My wife and I are vets. We have the mixed blessing of being able to send our dogs over the divide ourselves. 2 Chessies, 4 cats, and a horse to date...never gets easier. Try keeping it together, talking calmly to your pal eating ice cream while you push in the plunger....we die a little each time. Seeing all these posts made me nostalgic for a eulogy my wife wrote for Cedar, our first chessie. It's interesting how a dog's life looks written out. An exercise for anyone coping with the loss. Brought back lots of memories...mostly smiles. My dog lying next to me must think I am crazy as I sniff and cough repeatedly. Anyway, a letter for "Cedar" if you're interested. Boy....a lot has changed. I was too busy back the with pursuing my career much more I could have done with them.
    Just wanted to let you all know that we decided to let Cedar go today. We just couldn't bear to see her continue to deteriorate.

    Most of you did not know her in her prime, so I thought I'd share some memories of her life.

    I got her in the summer of '90 after a hard second year of vet school. Our friend Roy nicked named her "Cheddar Head" - so her registered name became Cedar Bay Cheddar.

    She taught me so much about dog training. Unfortunately by making alot of mistakes. In her first basic obedience class the instructor told me Cedar was depressed because of the type of food I was feeding. In fact she acted depressed in class because she didn't like the antiquated training methods.

    She used to come with me to happy hour during our large animal rotations at New Bolton Center (farm). She barely complained when she lost a tooth trying to catch a soft ball at the same time as the bat.

    In '92 she had six puppies. One in the closet in Don's apartment in Pittsburgh, 4 in the back of my Honda Accord on the Pennsylvania Tpke, and one in the little house I was renting in Cumberland, MD. One of the turnpike puppies was Cypress.

    In '95 she was diagnosed with cryptococcosis(a fungal disease) in her stomach. The fungal specialist at Univ of TN stated that it was "exceedingly rare" to occur in that location. She was placed on Sporanox- an "exceedingly expensive" human anti-fungal. She needed 3 capsules a day at $5 a piece. When we realized she would need to be on this long term, Don contacted some friends at a zoo in Tx who were traveling to Mexico- they purchased a supply for us at only $1 a capsule. We made jokes about our Mexican connection. She was on Sporanox for 9 months.

    One Thanksgiving holiday our friends Margie and Marty took the dogs so we could travel back home. While they were out for a few hours, Cedar pulled 2 pumpkin pies off the counter. There was only 1/2 a pie left when they got home.

    In '96 my friend Carolyn invited me to an agility match which became the beginning of my obsession. Cedar and Cypress had never seen any of the equipment before, but were allowed a short practice time. Cedar placed 3rd in the match. We entered our first trial after only a few more practice sessions. She was an honest worker, always trying despite my poor handling and inexperience. Funny, she never seemed depressed when we did agility

    Although we had done some field work all along, we became a little more serious about it around '98. Our chessie friend Dave repeatedly complimented Cedar on what a good mark she was. Don took her dove hunting a few times, but that was short lived as she ate more doves than she retrieved. We entered and passed our first 3 junior hunter tests. (ducks are a little harder to chew...)

    In '99 we moved to FL. I noticed she was not jumping as well, but figured she was just getting a little stiff with age. At her first trial in FL, she could not get up the a-frame. We discovered at that time that she had spinal arthritis. That was the end of her agility career.

    That last junior hunter leg was lurking on my mind, so at age 11 3/4 we decided to enter a test in Feb '02. She passed for her title leg. It was a bittersweet weekend as we had just returned from PA from Don's father's funeral. Paul always had a soft spot for Cedar.

    She had lots of hugs and good meals this week. Steak and potatoes, bacon and eggs. Her last moments were spent licking icecream.

    Cedar Bay Cheddar, CGC, OA, JH
    We will miss her terribly.

    -Jan and Don

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    It has been a tough 6 months losing one at 8yrs old and now her mother.

    Even though a little obstinate (sp?) at times, she did get master passes before we had to quit running hunt tests for a time. She was very adept, when training with bumpers, in not showing the fact that she was ignoring the bumper and looking like she was hunting hard.

    At 9.5 she ran our clubs first HRC seasoned test and was one of two who passed. She was still doing triples at 11. Over the last year she had declined quite a bit and suddenly within two days she lost all spark and was basically listless.

    She also produced our first CH.

    RIP Sadie 2/23/97 to 11/06/10.
    Greg W.

    Brooks Black Gold At Briarwood JH (Louie)
    Brandywine's Belle on Wheels JH (Belle)
    Serengetti Sadie O'Brandywine SH -MH passes (Sadie)
    CH Brandywine's Westdale Duggan MH (Duggan)
    CH Alpenglo's Jasmine O'Brooks JH CD (Jasmine)
    Brandywine's Flagship SH (Brandy)

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