Tennis Shoe Training Correction?
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Thread: Tennis Shoe Training Correction?

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    Senior Member Ken Newcomb's Avatar
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    Default Tennis Shoe Training Correction?

    I have a small problem....well I have lots of them but just want to discuss one of them at this time.

    If I want to administer a correction for not sitting at 75yds, or anywhere not at my side, without an ecollar what is the best way to do that and have the dog undertand what she is getting corrected for? By the time I haul my fat arse out 75 - 100 -150 yds she may have forgotten what a duck was. It seems if I hustle out and say sit and smack her while she is already sitting I may not have accomplished much.

    If I have the collar on her she will sit every time slick as a whistle.....however, at tests she is developing the habit of slipping whistles. I want her to know that I can still correct her even if the collar isn't in play.

    If none of that made sense we can discuss one of the other problems I probably have.
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    Senior Member Andy Carlson's Avatar
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    If you think she is in the mood to blow you off on a whistle, have you tried running out behind her as she is running so when you do blow the whistle you are right there? Sort of closing the gap to make a more up close and personal thing?

    Not into running myself (other than in an emergency) regards,


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    Senior Member Jason Ferris's Avatar
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    I hate running too, but I've found that getting out there as quickly as you can and hauling the dog back to the spot where they should have stopped, correcting for the sit, then walking calmly back to the line while the dog sits there works well.

    Andy's idea of following her out is a good one too, and recommended by some of the more successful trainers for early cold blind work.

    Regards, Jason.

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    I yell all the while I am running, "No, no, no, no" I don't know if it makes the dog understand any better, but I feel like I am marking the wrong behavior, so it at least makes ME feel better by doing something to TRY to make the dog understand better.

    At any rate, I don't repeat commands, so if I've told the dog to sit, and sit didn't happen, by the time they've gotten this far in their training, they should have a pretty good idea that lack of sit can't be a good thing.

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    Senior Member Kyle B's Avatar
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    May 2005


    I've heard of training partners hiding in the woods and then assisting with the correction.

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    Senior Member spaightlabs's Avatar
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    Jul 2005


    you just need a really, really, really long heeling stick...

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    Sep 2003
    Eureka Mo


    Closing the gap is good. So is "hiding in the woods". I would elaberate on this and have someone hiding behind a bush, tree, rock, tall grass, etc.

    However, you don't want the dog to be afraid of these things. Have the helper "come out" when the dog is past or not looking at the hiding place if possible.

    If the dog is blowing you off, then they are in their own little world. You can still walk out calmly, slowly, and quietly and then......

    Amish yard work and drills for whistle stops would also help.


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    Jan 2003


    consider doing a few weeks worth of BB blinds. that way if the dog blows you off, there is no profit for the dog.

    if the dog is working with you, the BB throws a bumper to the marker while the dog is sitting, looking at you. you are responsible for letting the BB know when to do it.

    since you are also using a collar, i would think some sit-to-pile drills might help.

    good luck!-paul
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    Senior Member Colonel Blimp's Avatar
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    Ken, daft question coming up.....

    Is it vital that she actually sits? In a hunting dog it's enough for me if the dog just stops and looks back for instructions; when things are a bit lively sitting isn't always appropriate anyway.

    If she's doing that then I wouldn't bother too much; (I take it test judges do bother!) if she's just buggering off into the jungle that's a different matter. Not being a collar trainer I can't help on that front, but it sounds as if she's collar wise; if so the Amish suggestion makes sense; then it's yardwork and attrition plus a training partner in the outfield.

    I always aim to make it worth the dogs' while to obey a command; try and build in a reward for good behaviour not just a clip round the ear for poor behaviour....a retrieve, whatever.

    Thank you, very kind, Mine's a pint.

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    Ab, Cnd


    Ken - Do you use whistle sit on the returns?

    I do not use a collar so I needed to find other ways to correct this problem. During drills I randomly throw in whistle sit on the returns.

    Also on the hike into my training areas - whistle sit walk away, whistle come from 100+ then a couple of sits on the way back to me. This way the dog is getting closer to me, easier to correct and I do not have to run out as far. This is the warm up before actual training session and I would do this for a few eveings only when the remote sits start to get slow or a little sloppy.
    Hugh Warren
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