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Thread: Carried The Dog's To Church

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    Default Carried The Dog's To Church

    I am the Children's Church Director at our church and had the opportunity to share with the kid's a very good lesson on obeying the master. It was by far the best service we have had and they enjoyed it very much. We had a few folk's who were a little leary about it at first but when we were through they understood. It was a real blessing. I am thankful for all I have and am truly blessed.


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    I used to use the dogs every so often in youth ministry, because there are many correlations between the the two. Some folks just seem to learn so much better when they can see a lesson rather than just hear it. Good work. Keep it up.


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    Kristie Wilder


    So what was your lesson? I'd love to hear it. I mean specifically what did you demonstrate with the dog.

    Sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sounds pretty cool!

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    The main point was that taking directions in life and trusting in our master will get us to the reward. In this case it was a blind and I handled her to it. Hence showing that the dog listened to her master and was rewarded. They loved hiding the bumper and it sounded like a riot when she found it.

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    Default Alright

    I am a full time youth minister and have used my dogs for some great illustrations. Keep up the great work at the church. Us full time guys really appreciate all the help that we can get!!!!

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    I just know that I am the type person that can listen to alot of things and half way understand,but when someone can show me it open's up a whole new meaning.

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    That sounds great flatcreek! My brother also does demonstrations like this at schools, etc. The kids LOVE it. I am glad to see someone else on here that does this.

    Great Pictures btw
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    I do a children's sermon on Easter with my dog Polly, she is a Master Hunter that loves to play games. I sit up at the front with the kids. I dress up as the mayor of Jerusalem, and I start talking about holy week. She comes in with rabbit ears. I say "You aren't a rabbit, what are you doing here?" I raise my hand and she runs to the back of the room and comes back with a palm branch, and then a stuffed donkey, a stuffed lamb, and then a communion basket, and finally a cross. I explain what has been happening in Jerusalem during the week. The hand signals are suttle so no one figures out why she's doing it. Actually, I think the adults like it as much as the kids.

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